Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Wedding Weekend

Holy Matrimony

It was a wedding weekend for me, with no visit to the wet market. The mass was at my parish at 11:30 AM. Because the bride and the groom were Catholics, it was a full mass. However, the percentage of Catholics in the pews was quite small. The bride happens to be the daughter of a church member and the groom comes from a loaded family. The parking lot was full of Mercedes and Audis. A rich hubby, the best kind. Mum and I arrived a little late due to the wonderful Saturday traffic. At least we didn't miss the readings. Lunch was not provided at the church, but we were invited to the groom's house in PJ instead. A huge three-storey detached house that seriously looked more like a show house. The living room had crystal displays like it was a boutique and the upstairs toilets were so large that two sets of bathroom fixtures were installed together with skylights. A friend of my mum remarked that the toilet was as large as her whole low cost flat! Electrical contractors sure earn big bucks. The catering was provided by Goon Wah. A good mix of food and the staff were attentive in refilling the food trays and cleaning up. Heaped on most of the major items at my first go and ended up not going for seconds because I was so full! Kinda tired after all that. Went straight home. In the evening, SK joined us for dinner at Rakuzen, Empire Shopping Gallery. A most satisfying dinner of sashimi and an interesting snack of thinly-sliced deep-fried burdock. Very different.

Sashimi Moriawase

Dee-Fried Burdock

As if I wasn't fat enough, the wedding banquet was held on the next day at Mutiara Palace, Mutiara Damansara. Helped mum camwhore with her friends. A more premium menu was used with sea cucumber, fish maw and suckling pig. Didn't go home after the lunch because mum and I had a function to attend at church-- the unveiling of the Welcoming Christ statue on the third floor of the community centre. One could see it while driving towards Puchong on LDP. The marble statue is about 4m high and was made in China (as with everything else). To commemorate the event, a music concert was held. The opening act was the St John's Alumni Pipe Band. Lots of Malays in that group. Huhu. Other than that, there were choirs, solos, trios. The crowd pleaser was the previous parish priest's niece who had crazy finger work on the piano. A Chopin princess. My dinner was a snack box that was distributed after the concert. Luckily I ate enough suckling pig during the lunch to tide me over. X_x.

The Welcoming Christ

The Welcoming Christ Statue


Derek said...

Eat and eat only ...

Twilight Man said...

Derek will not be able to carry his fat wife soon!
I saw the statue while driving. Very nice with sparkles.

William said...


He can't carry me anyway. Yeah, the tiles at the back have flecks and pigments