Sunday, April 12, 2015

STUD on a Stud

STUD Underwear is no stranger to gay men in Malaysia. It appeared in 2009, the brainchild of Voon Lai & Jonathan Cheng (get a glimpse of these hunky fashion bosses during the annual warehouse sales at Plaza Damas). When they first appeared, the sizing was super small and not cheap for something home-grown. Today, their sizing has matched up to more mainstream standards but their price has also gone the same way. All possible with their superb marketing and choice of hunky models like Jason Chee and Alex Chee. Anyway, I'm quite happy that they are doing well and even happier when I found that their VERY STUD underwear range has made it into gay porn! Here are some stills from Helix 8Teenboy's "Pianist Gets Pounded" (Jacob Dixon & Josh Bensan). Congrats to STUD underwear.


Happy walker said...

looks so gay, lol

William said...

Which part of gay porn that you did not understand?