Saturday, April 18, 2015

SEA Fish

Cheng Ho's Ship

Sunday was a rare day out with my colleagues (I normally ditch them to meet my gay friends). Went to mass at St Joseph as usual and was rewarded with the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore. Also heard about their upcoming Christmas concert (special allowance for carols in the season of advent) which is to be attended by 22 ambassadors and the President of Singapore. Hope The Risen Christ choir will rise to the occasion singing carols in 22 different foreign languages. Before heading into Sentosa, we had lunch at Albert Centre. A horribly hot, chaotic and stuffy lunch.

Cylindrical Sea

Underwater Christmas

Then a quick train ride to Harbour Front station brought us to Vivo City. Used the monorail to get into Sentosa. Arrived just in time to enter the SEA Aquarium as the tickets were for after 2:00 PM. Saw some kids leading a blindfolded girl into the aquarium as a birthday surprise of sorts. Perhaps they were gonna feed her to the sharks. For some reason, there was an Admiral Cheng Ho exhibition there which included a huge ass ship right in the middle of the main hall. Didn't see the connection it had with the aquarium. As with other aquariums, the SEA Aquarium had the standard experience of an underwater tunnel, column and dome. Also an amazing top to bottom view, basically an aquarium of the sea. Of the smaller exhibits, my favourite was the jellyfish. Their petting zoo only offered starfish and sea cucumber (no jellyfish LOL). Didn't get many good photos. A phone camera can only do so much in low light conditions and wily subjects. Finished in about three hours.

Jellyfish III

Jellyfish II

Jellyfish I

Sea Wall


Came out and was greeted by pouring rain. Waited for it to subside before heading back to Vivo City. Realised that one could actually walk from Vivo City via the Boardwalk, but take the monorail free when leaving Sentosa at no charge because there is no gantry. For some reason I had a splitting headache after looking at fishies. Luckily the French toast set that I ate at Vivo remedied it. Hmmm. Hunger-induced headache... interesting. Proper dinner was at Albert Centre with my colleagues. The youngest guy in my group enjoyed it so much that he wore a cardboard fish hat on his head from Sentosa down to Bugis. So child-like and innocent. LOL.

Around the Bend

Suntec Christmas

French Toast


zerachiel said...

that last fish looks so beautiful !!

Derek said...

Nice pic even though taken with phone.