Thursday, April 16, 2015


Timeless Tiramisu

On my next trip to Singapore, my brother invited me to dinner. Italian this time, his all time favourite. Dined at Trattoria Nonna Lina on Cantonment Road. The restaurant is named after the owner's Grandmother, Lina. Great food. Loved the spicy crab penne and the tiramisu is a must-have. My brother likes to gauge the quality of an Italian restaurant by ordering the panna cotta. Their rendition of that classic dessert passed with flying colours. Do give the restaurant a try when you're in that neck of the woods.

Perfect Panna Cotta

As I was getting ready to go out for a mall crawl on Saturday, I wished Tater good morning. Told him I planned to check out the Christmas decorations around City Hall. As luck would have it, he was free to join since his lunch date was cancelled. Following KH's suggestion, I went to Raffles City first. Not much to see except some giant Christmas baubles. Tater was oozing patience following me on my aimless photography session (ended up with nothing much to show for). Stopped for a coffee break at Starbucks. While we were sipping Gingerbread latte, I kept seeing glimpses of weirdly-dressed kids. Finally dawned on me that they were cosplayers. Followed a few of them to Suntec Convention Centre. Turns out the Anime Festival Asia was being held there over the weekend. A major event compared to what I saw at Bugis+ previously. But the crowds made it much more difficult for me to take clear shots. But still, I have attached a vomit of pictures in this post. Can't recognize most of the characters. Would appeciate some help there. Loitered till two. Didn't realize the time. Amazingly, Tater didn't go into black face mode.

Gingerbread Latte

Cosplayer XII

Cosplayer XI

Cosplayer X

Cosplayer IX

Cosplayers VIII

Cosplayer VII

Cosplayer VI

Cosplayer V

Cosplayers Getting Ready

Cosplayer IV

Cosplayer III

Cosplayer II

Kaonashi from Spirited Away

Cosplayer I

Cosplayers XIII

Rushed to find lunch at Raffles City before we collapsed from hunger. Tater had a hankering for Thai gogo boys, so we ate at Thai Express Bistro. The PadThai Talay was pretty good and appetiser of shrimp toast was something I had never tried before. Back to Tater's apartment after that for a rest before going out again to watch "Big Hero Six" at Bugis+. The animation was pretty well done. Rare oriental main character, the last being Mulan? But truth be told, the characters looked pretty much generic except for the slight Phoenix eyes. And the lead Hiro Hamada reminded me of the hero from "How To Train Your Dragon". Right after the movie, we went for an evening swim. Had the pool all to ourselves. But I would have preferred some eye candy of course (other than the sexy Tater la!). For dinner, Tater had pizza in mind (he might be pregnant with all those food cravings), so we went to Tony's Pizza in Bugis Junction. Flexible ordering where one can go for half pizza or per slice. And the pizza was served on a huge ass raised pizza platter. Not bad, ingredients were fresh and I liked the crust. Two slices were enough for dinner. Perhaps a little too much.

Padthai Talay

Shrimp Toast



Derek said...

Why no topless characters? Hehe

zerachiel said...

you blog posts always makes me

William said...

Got one or two. But no clear shot and not very defined. :P

Mission accomplished.

Jaded Jeremy said...

Think the 3rd last cosplay photo is a character from Spirited Away. Don't wanna spoiler its true nature.

William said...

Haha. Thanks. That I know.