Monday, April 20, 2015


As an unrelated follow up from last year's gay-themed play "People Like Us", the producers presented "Long Term Relationship" and of course KH bought tickets. It was lovely to see so many gay lous congregate at KLPAC to catch some laughs and see some steamy action on stage. Last year we had Evan Siao, but this time we were only left with John Tan. In the previous play, John Tan played a guy who was swayed by Evan Siao's hotness. This time round, he played a flamboyant character. Must admit that his acting skills improved a lot. Much less wooden. A friend of mine commented that it was because he playing 'himself'. Haha. As the title suggests, the play revolves around a couple who had been together for years. However, infidelity, work pressure and lack of communication threatened to destroy the relationship. The story was narrated by Douglas Wong who played the super-loved tarot reader, Tata RoTata. Never a dull moment when he comes on stage. On a whole, it was entertaining, but not exactly a breakthrough performance. Interesting to note that there many couples around us, holding hands throughout the playm just like us. Honestly, not many parts of the play resonated for KH and I. What we saw on stage was more volatile and stereotyped (doesn't mean its not true though). However, KH could relate to the parts about the stubborn and ill-tempered boyfriend and how they worked it out. Bwahaha.

Rainbow Sky

Dinner plans were at 老酒楼 at Taman Bukit Desa. Something that KH looked up on Eat Drink KL. Never knew the existence of the place. Nestled within a housing area, that short row of shops has some interesting offerings-- Sanuki Udon (who would have thought that udon was this popular), Soda Factory and Encore Patisserie. Anyway, lemme talk about dinner at 老酒楼 first. The best description would be a kopitiam ramen shop. At MYR9 a bowl, one can't fault them if their broth has less oomph. In my opinion, it's pretty good. But some purists might throw a fit to find out that they serve ramen with sour chilli sauce. In addition to ramen, we tried their steamed chicken drumstick noodles. Huge portion on a bed of Chinese cabbage and herbal broth at just MYR12.90. Also tried a plate of smoked pork. Personally, I prefer the charsiew that was served with the ramen. Our paktor session continued a few doors down at Encore Patisserie. We actually walked in, then went for a short stroll around the block, then returned to the cafe! Like that helped digest our food faster. LOL. Anyway, tried their flat white (recommended and comes with one of their mini palmiers that are so crispy and has the subtle hint of caramel) and tiramisu (no, no, no and I nearly choked on the cocoa powder).

Hawker Ramen

Herbal Drumstick Noodles



During the drive back, he held my hand. And before I opened the door, he gave me a kiss like usual. He wished me good night and after he drove off, I thought... "Yes, this is my LTR".


zerachiel said...

LTR or not, you're lucky you've found your true love, and you're even more lucky lucky to be loved :)

Derek said...

You're mine too! Muacks

Tempus said...

That's nice!

Ahh, its not easy to get one and settle down is it?

William said...

Thanks and I do realize how blessed I am

*Hugs baby tight*

Finding. Settling. Maintaining. All takes effort. Some more, some less.

Yours Queerly said...

I wanna see the play too! Let me know if there's another one some time soon? ><

William said...

I'll keep you updated