Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kopisusu Recham

Kopisusu Recham

Right after Sunday mass, mum and I had dinner at Restoran New Paris with my BEC committee members. It was a lunch meeting to discuss future plans and introduce the incoming president. I only stayed long enough to settle the bill. By 2:00 PM, we left for DPAC to watch Kopisusu Recham. Waze was a bit loopy that day, so got there a little late. Just 15 minutes for us to redeem the free cup of K3K Benta Kaya coffee before the show started. At the foyer was a small exhibition of memorabilia from old Malaya. The show started 15 minutes later than scheduled. The producers called it a concert play, but basically it was just Yudi singing, accompanied by live musicians. Some intermittent banter and dancing. And a light plot to lead from one song to another. All golden oldies, Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Most songs were sung dual-language with new lyrics filled in. For example, Teresa Teng's "Tian Mi Mi" was converted into "Dayung Sampan" with a Japanese vibe. Surprised to hear Gamelan-esque tunes on a piano. Kudos to Tay Cher Siang on that. Camwhored a bit at DPAC and noticed a new Tous Les Jours there since my last visit.

Old Photographs

Rested at home for about an hour before going out again for an ex-colleague's baby shower in Bandar Sungai Long. The rain had made the traffic quite annoying. Arrived an hour late but that was fine as it had not started. In the middle of the living room, his relatives were decorating a cradle with fresh flowers. Inside it were bananas and betel leaves. It was his third child and first son. Elders and guests were invited to bless the child by showering a mixture of rice and flower petals on his forehead. We ate some time after 8:30 PM. A simple spread of home-cooked chicken briyani, vegetable curry, yoghurt and vegetables. Still rained during my drive home, but the traffic was slightly better. Last I heard, this ex-colleague of mine would be returning to India within the year. His wife and kids would return first while he settled the sale of his property and car. Hope he will keep in touch.

Baby Shower


Bless the Baby


ernestlow said...

Yudi is a dear fren. Isn't she fabulous?

William said...

Are you from Bentong?

ernestlow said...

Hi Wills,

Nope but was working with Yudi on a play.

We still keep in touch.

She was here in Singapore last September.

She is a great singer and musician!

William said...

Oh, you're in the Singapore performing arts scene! Wonder if KH ever watched any of your stuff over there.