Monday, April 06, 2015

KH Wedding Trip II: Cafe Hopping

Checks Forever

With two nights of pent up horniness, KH was ready to blow. Bright and early on Saturday morning, he got very frisky and started going for my behind. Guess the fact that I was in a jockstrap helped things along. He went to business with me without having to take off a single article of clothing. Talk about convenience. With our carnal appetite satisfied, next was our tummies. Roamed out to Toast Box at Bugis Junction to have eggs and toast. Needed the protein replenishment. Went Christmas shopping at BHG after that. By 12:30 PM, we made a move to Artistry to secure a table. Unfortunately they only seated full parties. After W850i and Kidz arrived, we took our seats. Andy took another half an hour. Heard that the place was gay-friendly and pet-friendly, but we saw neither species there that afternoon. Got ourselves a Nasi Lemak Burger to share. Nothing special really. Kinda like a fried chicken burger with some condiments and sambal on the side. The latte I liked. Kidz and Andy had an animated discussion about the MOE and how the civil service is soul-sucking. Moved on to Dolce Tokyo at Bugis Junction after that, but KH and I made a move at 3:30 PM for our next cafe hopping appointment at The Pantry @ Shop Wonderland.

Toastbox: Coffee & Eggs

Shoe House

Nasi Lemak Burger

Flowery Latte

Restaurant Perspective

Finnegan was in town for a friend's birthday party and we managed to arrange a meet up. It was my fourth time meeting him and our last was during my trip to Hong Kong in 2011! And it was a great opportunity for me to introduce KH to him. The interior decoration was very warm and Christmas-y, but ironically the waitresses were all quite cold. Got ourselves a weird matcha latte with popcorn (a bit rough with the popcorn dregs) and a gula melaka cake which was quite good. As usual, Finnegan came bearing gifts (pai seh). He usually encourages me to read, but this time he gave me a box of assorted green tea from Sri Lanka. Very sweet of him. Let KH do a lot of talking by asking about Finnegan's travel and work. Didn't stay too long as Finnegan and KH both had separate dinner appointments. Just had a little time to walk Haji Lane with KH. My first time at that hipster area. Will spend more time exploring the place during my next trip.

Haji Lane

Gula Melaka Cake

Matcha Popcorn Latte


This Is Not Your Practice Life

KH showered and got dressed for his wedding dinner at Bukit Batok, while I went to sunset mass at Our Lady of Lourdes. Interestingly, the mass was animated by secondary school children. Joined my colleagues for dinner at Ramen Keisuke Four Seasons. The reason for the name is quite simple-- one Ramen per season. Spring is basil and cheese; summer is spicy minced pork; autumn is minced pork and Bonito flakes; winter is pure pork broth. And on top of that they have a King Ramen that is their super porky version. I went for autumn with the works. Super thick broth and I could definitely sense the fish broth. On all tables were free helpings of a sesame-bean sprout banchan of sorts and hard-boiled eggs. And if you like, you can grind your own mix of sesame seeds to put in your noodles ala Saboten. It was a really satisfying meal with a thick and flavourful broth. Walked around a bit after dinner to help with the digestion. On our way back to the hotel, finally saw a several of the hostesses that worked at the KTV lounge downstairs. Much younger than the ones I had seen upstairs at the lobby. Still young enough to wear short skirts that barely cover their panties. KH got home at 11:00 PM and we showered together before getting to bed.

Big Seaweed

Let's Shower


Anonymous said...

disgusting... u shuld be ashamed of urself.. The Lord will never be ur saviour,u had twisted His love for us.

Ppl like u shuld not be Christians.

Derek said...

Good times. Muacks!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Where is Ramen Keisuke Four Seasons? At Four Seasons hotel? Do you recommend their ramen?

Anonymous said...

Lol!@anon 1. Stupid comment
Kh so good no need to strip.

William said...

<3 <3 <3

Muacks baby :D

Nolah... At Bugis Village jer

Yes, convenient. LOL.

zerachiel said...

religious bigots like you make this beautiful world a hell to live...seriously shit, bloggers pen down their thoughts on their blogs because it's "their" blog and it's their personal space, you ain't like it, it's not affecting your life, so fuck off and dump your hatred elsewhere...

evil fucktards like you give a very bad image to God...

get a life...

zerachiel said...
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Twilight Man said...

Nice photos!

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So who should be?
aren't religion is for everyone? Good or bad he or she may be?
rather than ousting people out of hr religion, why not pray for them instead?
isn't that what worshipers do?

zerachiel said...

good or bad ? first of all, who are we to judge ? we are nothing but mere mortals, nothing is in our hands, and we are not even certain of the consequences of our actions, so why the judgement ?

in His eyes, all are His creation, to Him, there's no separation or differences, my God is love and he sweetly suffers all...

zerachiel said...
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