Thursday, April 30, 2015

Christmas 2014

Christmas Muffins

On Christmas Eve, the kids got half a dozen of Christmas muffins from a neighbour. The kid had recently taken up a decorative cupcake class, so she had plenty of baked goods to distribute. In the evening, the kids followed mum and I to Christmas Vigil mass. Also brought them to see the Nativity scene. Little Monster was quite interested to meet Baby Jesus. Unfortunately, the cantata was kinda disappointing with not enough Christmas classics. Just felt weird. Ate a late dinner at Sweet Bean, Seri Petaling. Very rarely do I have their main courses. Got a fried rice with chicken chop and seafood spaghetti. The rice they liked, but unfortunately the pasta was spicy.

Seafood Spaghetti

Christmas morning breakfast was at Soon Hing, Taman Equine. The place was full of customers, so it was lucky that we a found a table fairly quickly. Popular choices for the kids were wantan noodles and chicken hor fun. I also gave heir siew mai and char siew bao a try. Not bad la. Typical Soon Hing fair. Wonder how many branches they have in the Klang Valley now.

Roast Pork Noodles

Char Siew Bao

Siew Mai

In the afternoon, KH brought me out for a paktor coffee session. A new discovery in Taman Equine called Piccolo Cafe. It's located above a kedai mamak. Nice interior design with a smoking and non-smoking section. Predominantly woody with musical instruments as part of their decoration. I particularly love their use of large white Chrysanthemum blooms on each table. No complaints about the coffee and I was quite impressed with the Red Velvet (I'm no fan, but It's really quite good). But do take note they have several cake suppliers, so do take note on what the cake looks like before ordering.

Piccolo Cafe

Red Velvet

Christmas at Piccolo

Christmas dinner was at MaisonSK's. The Tribe came along. KH, Apollo, QueerRanter-D and Lifebook were also there. We had a gift exchange of sorts. I got the kids some LINE merchandise, while SK added on with some watches. We got Apollo a pair of Snoopy bags while he gave me a Christmas origami set. With a little carolling, it would have been the perfect Christmas evening.




Derek said...

Red velvet! Yumz

zerachiel said...

that red velvet seriously looks super yummy !!

Twilight Man said...

Merry Christmas in Advance to you!! Lovely cakes!