Monday, March 02, 2015

Surprise Singapore Saturday

Girl & Pet

After a good night's sleep, KH was ready for another round of skanking. But the exertion triggered his sneezing fits again. Ops. Pain after pleasure. We had a brunch date with Tater that day. Met up at Bugis before walking over to Symmetry at Jalan Kubor. Took a slow leisurely walk because KH was sneezing, my legs were tired from squatting (;P) and Tater had just finished a 32KM run that morning. As expected, the place was full, but they had an al fresco option for us. Much better actually, less claustrophobic. And since it was an end lot, they had a large patch of shade of to put several tables. No problems with the heat as they had fans at strategic locations and even a refreshment stand outside. Servers were also stationed outside, providing attentive and friendly service. To refill my emptied tank, I ordered the Symmetry Eggs Sur Le Plat, while KH went for the Ham Hock & Pancetta Steak. Food was quite good with pretty presentation. Even the biscuit that came with my latte was like a mini gingerbread man. The Wakame Prawn Popcorn wasn't quite as 'wakame' as I expected. Talked and talked and talked until Tater showed signs of drooping.

Coffee Art Chemistry

Ham Hock & Pancetta Steak

Eggs Sur Le Plat

During our walk back, we stopped a while at Parkview Square aka Gotham City of Singapore due to its Art Deco style. It's one of Singapore's most expensive buildings at a cost of SGD87.93 million. Many statues of famous people line the open plaza of the building, with a prominent golden crane in the middle. All of us went home to rest. KH got his much-needed rest while I read "Noblesse" on WebToons. Never thought I'd be hooked on a story about pretty boy K-POP vampires and werewolves.

Towards Home

Art Deco

MoonlightPiggy invited us to dinner at Brotzeit, Sommerset 313. Why German? The beer of course. The 酒鬼 was feeling restless during Oktoberfest and needed her fix. We started with fried Camembert cheese. Gosh, sedap sekali! Next was the Brotzeit Brot which was a platter of cold cuts paired with cheese. Another winner. And of course we shared a pork knuckle, the typical choice when going German. Found that MoonlightPiggy loves Paulaner's mango beer. Wandered around Sommerset 313 after dinner but there wasn't much to see.

Fried Camembert

Brotzeit Brot

Paulaner Trio

Pork Knuckles

Ended up having dessert at Tokyo Dolce where they serve caged cakes (service was so slow that I suspect they had to chase the cake the around before shoving it into the birdcage). Made KH put the birdcage on his head. Wakaka. Didn't stay out too late as we were tired and there was morning mass tomorrow! So we bid MoonlightPiggy goodbye and thanked her for the booze. Until our next drinking session.

Caged Cake

Back at the hotel, we showered and I fed KH more flu meds. Snuggled him and kept him warm. Both of us dozed off in no time.


Derek said...

Fell sick when I was with baby ;-(

William said...

My fault? :P

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My favorite posts are the ones with Tater

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