Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shake It Off, Shake It Off

Taylor Swift's song "Shake It Off" didn't quite hit get my attention until I watched the music video on YouTube one day. In one of the earlier scenes, she is seen with a troupe of modern dancers and one guy's beautiful ass caught my attention. So round, so perfect, so muscular. To prove my point, I follow up with some screen captures below. That actually made me go on a YouTube ass-hunting spree that got me acquainted with the Prince of Ballet, Roberto Bolle. Another amazing specimen of male beauty with dazzling derriere. 

Third guy from the right!

And coming up is the Italian ballet dancer, Roberto Bolle, the perfect specimen of an athletic and lithe musculature. And of course great piece of ass. Guess I should dance, Hahahahaha.

Prince Charming is out

That ass!


ernestlow said...

I have seen him perform in the Caracalla Baths in Rome! He is a spectacular dancer. His performances are sold out everywhere he goes and he has legions of female (and male) fans!

William said...

Are you a fan?

Twilight Man said...

Oops! Nice.

William said...

What is nice?

ernestlow said...


Not a fan of Bolle, but a fan of yours ...

Btw, Bolle malls balls in Italian!

ernestlow said...

typo, bolle means balls in Italian

William said...

*blush* Thanks for the support
He definitely lives up to his name