Friday, March 13, 2015


Curry Noodles

KH had registered for the PUMA night run, but at the last minute, he decided to pull out due to 'health' reasons. But that did not stop him from collecting the race pack at Setia City Mall. He asked me to accompany him and so I was his navigator. Was a bit confused about the venue at first as the organizers used the name Setia Alam Mall. That definitely didn't come up in Waze. Couldn't even get this detail right in their official correspondence. Gosh. Anyway, half an hour and MYR7+ of toll later, we arrived at the place. Virgin trip there actually. Impressed with the mall. Looks above average with a good mixture of brands and plenty of food choices. The collection counter was actually at Setia Alam Convention Centre, just within walking distance of the mall.

Female Collection

Settled that in no time flat. Quite amused by their "Male Collection" and "Female Collection" signs. If I knew there was a "Male Collection", I would have registered too. Our next target was lunch. Strangely, KH decided on vegetarian that day. He ordered the leicha from Simple Life. I nibbled on some of that cause I had ate a popiah and curry noodles earlier. Kenyang!



Bumped into Pidut and a friend (tangkap basah) of his who was also there to collect the race pack. Remembering that The Chief and Janvier lived nearby, we called them out for coffee at Infusion. Not a bad place for coffee especially if you're a Maxis customer (B1F1). And they make a cute affogatto. Loitered until 3:00 PM and near a move. On my way out, caught sight of half price Halloween stuff. Bought Big Monster the Jack o' Lantern basket that he wanted and a Jack o' Lantern medallion for Little Monster. So cheap, with flashing lights and evil laughs. My sister went nuts because they played with it from evening till midnight. The battery went flat in just two days.


Ice Cream on Coffee

Laughing Jack O' Lantern from William Ng on Vimeo.

The next day was my usual church Sunday. Went to One Utama again because the nice people at Parkson forgot to remove the security tag from the pair of pants that she bought. No wonder the alarm went off the other day. I even offered for the guard to check my carriers, but he declined. And so we had to make the second trip to get it off. Blegh. Lunch was at Kura and that cheered me up a bit.

Zensai Zanmai

Nigiri Sushi

In the afternoon, I packed for my trip back to Singapore and in the evening had a Yuzu liquor session with mum. Think the combination of alcohol and Japanese snacks gave a sore throat the next day, or perhaps I'm just allergic to business trips. Sedihz.


Nibbly Crabs


Jaded Jeremy said...

Bagus tak Kura?

William said...

Sister restaurant of Rakuzen and Hokkaido Ichiba

Derek said...

Should run this year's PUMA! Hehe