Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wai No Battery?

Nissin Kyushu Black

According to my HR portal, I have fourteen days of annual leave to clear, so I came home on Thursday, one day earlier than usual. Immediately did my laundry and went to sleep after hanging up the last piece of underwear. The next morning, I went to warm up my Iswara. The engine sputtered and the alarm went off. Another two unsuccessful attempts later, I made a SOS call to my mechanic. I had forty minutes or so before he came. Feeling hungry as heck (I was supposed to go tapau wantan noodles!!!), I had to dig out my instant noodles stash. Decided on Nissin's Kyushu Black instant ramen. Topped it with a fried egg. Not bad at all. Was eating halfway when my mechanic arrived. When he turned the key, the car actually started up! WTF. The engine must have been too cold and the battery a little weak. Coincidentally, a neighbour of mine was also experiencing car problems, so it wasn't a wasted journey. I went back in to finish my breakfast. Not too long after that, I received a call from my mechanic again telling me that I might as well change the battery since it was already two years old. True that. Might as well. Spent MYR240 that morning.


Settled that and drove over to see Little Monster. He was quite excited to see me. Some time before noon, I drove out to NuSentral to meet KH for lunch. Ate at Ozen Zanmai (subset of Pasta Zanmai). We actually just ordered a chawanmushi and a grilled saba. KH completely forgot to order the sushi platter. No wonder the waitress gave me a funny look when I asked for wasabi and shoyu. Supplemented our lunch with carrot cake and coffee at Jeneris by AhRen. Went to the pharmacy after that to buy some RIN enzyme for mum and get some Cialis for a colleague. Really curious as to why he needs that. :P. KH had to get back to work, so I drove back to OUG for a haircut. Got it really short. Then went to RHB to get some clarification on my account. I waited for fifteen minutes without any customer service being able to attend to me. I stood there, dialed their customer service number and got the answers that I wanted. Amazing.


Carrot Cake

On a whim, I contacted Wai, a college student I got acquainted with on social media. Since I was in the neighbourhood, I picked him up from his place in Kuchai Lama and brought him to yumcha at Ficelle. The poor kid was limping cause he sprained his ankle on the stairs. Hope he learned his lesson and not play phone so much anymore. :P. Quite a chatty kid who in my opinion was quite straight-acting. Would have fooled my gaydar. An avid collector of old notes who knows how to make money out of that hobby. Left after the rain let up and headed back to my sister's place for dinner. Met SK there too where she passed me some early birthday presents from friends. Thank you, thank you.

Bun Aliens


Hdaran said...

Are all those kolam designs? Where were they???

Ash Godiva said...

ehhh collector of old notes?!?you got his fb?im collecting those too,would love to buy some to increase my collection:D

Anonymous said...

pervert uncle will! now doing college students! you dirty old man! lol! is wai cute?

Twilight Man said...

Ficelle was my favourite weekly hangout when I was living there.
How come you never pick me up? Kaneeneh..

Jaded Jeremy said...

Ahhh good that you changed the battery right away.

Ehhhh in the end really didn't have sushi ka? @@

William said...


Oh, got business prospect. I'll let him know.

LOL. I didn't touch him inappropriately! He dyed his hair yellow recently. Very Jap. :D

Where's your mansion exactly?

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