Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Best Birthday Gift

Sam Lou Hor Fun

KH arrived in Singapore around 3:30 pm on Friday. While waiting for me to get off work, he went to loiter with POD at Kembangan. I joined them there after work (sweet KH kissed me at the door) and by that time Nic had also got off work. As usual, he was hungry, cranky and tired. LOL. Needed to get him to dinner STAT! Went to the same restaurant that they brought me a few weeks back. Food was still good. Although I had sam lou hor fun for lunch at Amoy Food Centre, having it again for dinner was welcome! Its just that good. Other stuff that POD ordered was ku lou yuk, butter calamari (not something common but quite nice), XO Fish Meat Bihun and lastly prawn paste deep fried chicken (another item I've not seen in KL). Repeating our steps, we had gelato at Casa Italia, I12 Mall again. But this time round, we pestered Suzy to make an appearance. Our repeated calls and my puppy dog request of "cause it's my birthhhhhdayyyy". She finally made an appearance at Toastbox after her golf gear shopping spree at Takashimaya. Once again, it was a crazy night of conversation with her and she even let me play with her bling-bling tie. Suzy dropped us off at the hotel. KH and I jumped into the shower together (of course we should save water) and he emerged from that with a sneezing spell. But that didn't affect his ability to get an erection one bit. LOL. So on that Friday night, he delivered his birthday present to me. I thanked him over and over, while on my knees, while on my back... KH gives the best presents. :D.

Ku LouYuk

Butter Calamari


Derek said...

I'll do anything for you dear.

ernestlow said...

Dear William,

Happy belated Birthday. Where is this restaurant please? Thanks!

Twilight Man said...

It is the Year of The Rams in Singapore.

William said...

I might have a tall order :P

I'll have to get back to you on the exact location

Is that a double entendre?