Friday, February 27, 2015

Birthday Brother & Surprise Singapore

Front Desk

On my birthday, my brother treated me to dinner at Wild Rocket. A hidden little gem at Hangout Hotel, Upper Wilkie Road, right next to Mount Emily Park. Met my brother at Bugis MRT and we walked together to the place. As we walked, I can't help but notice many familiar landmarks along the way. It was actually quite near my hotel, but one had to go uphill and traverse a long flight of dark stairs before arriving at the place. When we got there, our backs were wet from perspiration! According to my brother, the place just recently reopened after an 8-month hiatus. They had planned to move to some where else more accessible, but their landlord lowered the rent. And so the place was 'reborn' with a lot of wood accents. Love the geometric, interlocking pieces of wood framing the whole side of the restaurant. I had did all my homework on Foursquare and HungryGoWhere and had a pretty good idea of what to order. However, I should have known that they would revamp the menu too. LOL. Comparing the current menu to the reviews, I must say that I prefer the old menu. Stranger. Took a long look at the list of Mod Sin (Modern Singaporean, a term coined by Chef Willin Low) dishes and nothing jumped out at me. In the end, we shared the pomelo salad with tiger prawns and a frozen coconut dressing. Obviously the interesting thing about the dish is the frozen coconut dressing. Basically coconut cream ice cream with bird's eye chilli surprise inside. My main was a dark charsiew creation that was blanketed with Vietnamese rice paper. Very unconventional plating. Dessert was their famous de-constructed strawberry cake. All I can say is sangat strawberry. The servers were friendly, but they seemed to have their heads in the clouds. Even forgot my brother's wine. And in case you go there and go looking for the cutlery, don't bother to ask because its in a drawer under the table. Another weird thing. Later in the night, KH gave me a call and revealed that he had a surprise for me. Told me to guess. It was something that I REALLY wanted for my birthday. Hmmm. I normally draw a blank when you ask me what I want. Finally he told me-- he was gonna be in Singapore over the weekend! So what I REALLY wanted for my birthday is birthday sex. LOL.

Wild Rocket

Pomelo Salad


Hdaran said...

Happy Endings!!!

Twilight Man said...

Wah! He loves hide & seek surprises.

Derek said...

Hehe hope you liked the surprise!

William said...

Bedroom endings

He loves to fly

I was genuinely surprised!