Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jet Lag Wednesday

Transit I

Departed from YVR on the 8th of September at 0200 and arrived in KUL on the 9th of September at 1225. On the two connecting flights of CX889 and CX723, I managed to watch several movies, but the most memorable was Thermae Romae II, a Japanese production about hot springs. It's actually a sequel about Lucius, a Roman architect who is transported to modern day Japan public baths where he gets inspiration for works back in his time. Very goofy, funny and plenty of skin. Haha. Both of us had missed Mid-Autumn Festival, but at least Cathay Pacific gave us mooncakes as dessert.

Transit II

Thermae Romae II (TAKEUCHI Hideki, Japan 2014)


In Malaysia, I was thrust back into a hot, humid and hazy environment. When I arrived home, the first thing I did was laundry. Didn't take a nap or anything as the goal was to stay awake as long as possible. Showered, packed all the souvenirs and went over to my sister's place to greet mum and The Tribe. Little Monster was in a surprisingly good mood when he saw me and dragged me here and there to look at stuff. Had my first proper home-cooked dinner in weeks and it was great, especially the white radish soup. So fulfilling. Missed the taste of home. By 10:00pm, I was already like a zombie, so I called it a night. Took a day of leave the next day, so I had another full day to readjust my biological clock and pack for my Singapore trip on Thursday. Ugh. So much flying around. There was some kind of demo the week after so my request to stay a little longer in KL was essentially rejected. Back to reality. Back to the rat race.

Mr Moose

P.S.: This post is dedicated to the jet-lagged Tater. LOL. Hope your biological clock readjusts itself soon!


Twilight Man said...

Your honeymoon was over so quick!
I was also being thrust back into a hot, humid and hazy environment after years in US. I had to shower 4 times a day back then.

William said...

Should have extended till one month!