Monday, January 12, 2015

Canadian Celebrities: Leftovers!

Hi guys and gals! It's been such a gruelling task putting together the fourteen posts of my Great Canadian Adventure that I forgot to include some of my spy cam shots. It's not easy managing all the photos and folders. Better post them before I forget again! And at least while it's still 'relevant'. LOL. I have a trio of guys for you today. The first is Unhappy Harold. Spotted him crossing Main Street with his girlfriend. From my shot, he doesn't look too happy. Bored with his girlfriend perhaps. Should try swinging the other way. Might put a smile on his face!

Unhappy Harold

Secondly is DILF Donald. Spotted this hot daddy shopping designer clothes with his toddler at The Bay, Vancouver Island. From afar I his tanned biceps called to me. Looks all hunky and stylish. I'm sure many would call him Daddy!

DILF Donald

Lastly is Smiley Sam from Sears at Metrotown. He was late for some Toastmasters function and was asking for help. Although he was late, he kept on smiling, flashing those pearly whites. Such a Megawatt smile. Definitely would put a smile on many a gay lou.

Smiley Sam

P.S.: I have a follow-up post from my transit in Hong Kong. Remind me if I forget!


Happy walker said...

lol~ XD

Anonymous said...

i <3 the 3rd one. he has a beautiful smile. drives my stress away seeing that smile.
- rainy day

William said...


Then look at him every day