Thursday, January 29, 2015

Morning Shower, Baby Shower

Early Mee Suah Lunch

On the Saturday that I was back from Singapore, it was raining very heavily. The sound of the sheets of rain pommeling the roof tiles outside my window actually woke me up. Opened one eye, buried myself deeper into my sheets and continued to sleep. But not long after, my alarm sounded and I needed to get ready to go out to the market. Luckily by 8:00 am, the heavy rain had let up and slowed to a drizzle. Due to the early downpour, the usual crowd at the market was missing. Some stalls were not even open, fearing that the rain might spoil their wares. That made our job easier with no crowds to navigate around. Got what we needed and proceeded to breakfast and got home a ittle earlier than usual. We were scheduled to collect the Allianz Pacer Runfie (so unlike me right?) race pack in the afternoon, so mum made an early lunch of soupy rice vermicelli was fish slices, chicken and fried egg. Totally delicious.

Shrimp Tapas

Went out, picked SK and KH to Mont Kiara. So funny that during the online registration, they asked us to fill up the size of the T that we wanted. But when we arrived, they only had M and L left. However, that wasn't a problem because the cutting was different from what was expected. Once we had settled that, we went to The Barn @ 1MK (so icky that they decided to make their logo look like the 1Malaysia logo, so takde class) as KH and SK had not eaten. They shared some pasta, tapas and salad. Food wasn't bad, but the chorizo was a little too salty. Their service was quite commendable too. Many tips on Foursquare praise it as a place for drinks, not food. When SK paid the bill, she finally found out that her HSBC Amanah credit card can't be used at non-halal joints. We laughed like crazy.


Went over to Solaris Mont Kiara after that for some grocery shopping at the BigDeal event. KH bought pre-mix coffee and ramyun. The coffee people actually got us to give 'fake testimony' on FB just to get some free sachets of coffee. X_X. Before leaving, we scoped out Village Grocer. Bumped into a friend of mum's who was working as a promoter for air-flown Japanase produce. She immediately cut up an MYR24 golden peach for us and a bunch of MYR100 per 100gm grapes. Sedapnya... For my brewed coffee fix, I got it at Cafe Berlin with a couple of French-quality croissants. Expensive but quite good.

In the evening, mum, The Tribe and I drove over to Sungai Long as my cousin sister was having a baby shower there. Couldn't recognize her at first due to all the weight she gained! And also shocked that the she stays with her in-laws with her husband's two other brothers AND their families. All cramped in an intermediate unit terrace house. The chaos with all those kids! Food was catered (below average) but my aunt prepared some signature dishes such as rice wine chicken and vinegar pork trotters. Heavenly. Little Monster was not thrilled when my sister that she would carry the baby home. LOL. Phew, the end of another long day!

Fullmoon Eggs

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Suneo in Singapore: Dinner Drama


During my second work trip to Singapore, I managed to meet up with more friends. In other words, I managed to get more free meals. Cool, right? Especially when the exchange rate is 2.55. Really makes your eyes pop out. AlexanderTheGay of the Jaylex Foundation came to meet just the day after he touched down from Jakarta. He said he was tired, but he looked good to me. Polished, but definitely thinner. Once again, KH suggested the dinner venue, which was Poulet at Bugis+. French food, but I was pointed to the signature item on the menu-- Poulet Rôti. Roast chicken la, LOL, but in a plate of mushroom Chardonnay sauce. So it looked like a headless tanned hunk on a bed of cum (sounds familiar?). It was quite good really. Was actually a couple of years since I actually talked face to face with AlexanderTheGay. We updated each other on happenings, filling in the blanks. One by one we went through the list of BFF and I gave my report on each of them. Post-dinner, we went for gelato downstairs at Gelateria Italia. As luck would have it, we were served by a Singaporean Carol Beer (Little Britain fans would know what I'm talking about). She had half of the look, but the dead eyes and flat voice were perfect. I got a cup of Bailey's and we continued our conversation.

My next dinner date was with w850i and his bf, Andy. Our meeting point was at Bugis Junction where w850i met me first. Unfortunately, Andy was late. He brought me to TCC for a drink first. Forty minutes later, Andy made his appearance. By the time we went for dinner, it was already 7:30pm and the monstrous Friday night lines were already too crazy. The line at Ma Maison was just too long. Then it suddenly came to me that I saw a Ma Maison at Bugis+, so we tried our luck there. Turns out there was a table for us a Aloha Ma Maison, their Hawaii-themed casual Japanese-French dining restaurant. Truth be told, the flowery plastic table wrap gave the feel of warung Melayu. Yuck. And they nearly wanted to seat us around a fake palm tree. Horrible seating arrangements. I ordered the omu fried rice with beef stroganoff and we had some garlic escargot to share. When the escargot came, I though we could dig in. But it turns out that it was supposed to be flaming! We tried to get the attention of our server. But she only came to light the fire five minutes later. Andy's face had turned black. She might as well have squirted the lighter fluid on his face. When we ate the snails, it was just a little warm. X_X. Later on, the mains arrived sans cutlery. At that point, Andy lost it and blasted a waitress.

Andy: This is really bad service! I demand to see your manager!

Waitress: He'll come when he is free!

Looks like the waitress lost it too. Obviously they were quite understaffed. After a few minutes, the manager came and listened sympathetically to Andy's complaints. He did not try to defend himself, just pleaded to Andy to give him a chance to make it up to him. After the soft-spoken manager left, Andy started a tirade about the Unhappy Singaporean. I just let him rant. Things did not get better because they never came to refill his water. Grumpily he told the waitress that he will not be paying the service charge. Just after we finished our food, the manager came over with two large slices of fruit tart and a twenty percent off our bill. That put a half-smile on Andy's face. Phew.

Omu Rice + Beef Stroganoff

w850i quickly ushered us out of the restaurant after the bill was settled. Went to do some shopping at Aeropostale (the clothes looked very A&F) and Pull & Bear. I rushed to the loo after that wondering if the people at Aloha Ma Maison poisoned me. X_X. My hosts were in the mood for nightcap so we walked to Suntec in search of a nice place to drink. Ended up in the Conrad Centennial Hotel Lounge. Perfect ambience with a talented pianist. For drinks I had white wine-based cocktail with some citrus embellishments. Toasted Andy on his future book publishing and w850i's recent promotion.


What's a trip to Singapore without meeting up with Tater? Amid all that rice, one definitely needs some taters. We met up for breakfast on Saturday at Yakun. Had eggs, toast and coffee. And of course the eggs came with the super black sauce (a thing I love to hate about Singapore). The place had cute posters like: "They have the French press, we have the sock!". Had a long talk till nearly lunch time. Parted ways, then I went to have lunch.

Yakun Breakfast

Later in the evening, I attended sunset mass at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. The parish had a large Indian community judging by the the shrine to Our Lady of Good Health of Velankanni, considered the Lourdes of the East. The church was also interesting in the sense that there wasn't a crucifix behind the altar, but a grotto with Our Lady of Lourdes. The crucifix was installed to the side. Judging by the way the priest spoke, I think he is from India. Couldn't really understand his homily. Spotted a guy who turned up for mass in bicycle shorts. *facepalm*. Dinner for me was at Tastebuds Food Centre where I ordered a soggy padthai. During my wait, I spotted a really hunky and handsome fella having dinner with his family. Unfortunately I could not get a clear shot. So sad. Had a spot of tea with Tater at his apartment later in the night.

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes

Eat Thai Food

The next morning, Tater and I went for brunch at Tanglin Mall, an expat mall that's located at the quiet end of Orchard. We were supposed to eat at Eggs & Berries, but they had relocated. Bad luck. So we just made a random choice-- PAUL. Chose the scrambled eggs and it was just average. I ran to the loo after breakfast (the 'poison' from Aloha Ma Maison was strong!). When I got back, Tater suggested that we skip the joint without paying. To which I knew he already paid. >_>. Went belt hunting at ION Orchard after that. Searched through Zara, Pedro, Topman and finally found it in H&M. Tater had a long run in the morning, so we did not walk much. Most of the time, we just chilled at Starbucks. We went back to BHG Bugis after that for some Biotherm shopping. It was his yearly restock so he bought a lot of stuff. And I got some freebies as a result. Wakaka. Went back to the hotel to rest and we later met up for a quick dinner at Albert Centre.

Sorry Breakfast

Biotherm Homme Freebies

Monday, January 19, 2015

Airport Celebrities: Transit Tom

Transit Tom

Gosh, look at the time! I've neglected my blog again. Rainy Day reminded me that I need to post Transit Tom from Chek Lap Kok Aiport. I gravitated towards his arms like tudung-clad girl to a K-pop boy band member! Sat next to him and fired up my Nexus 5! Love the proximity. And he has such a hunky jaw line with good, tanned skin. Yummy! Hope to get back to my regular posts soon. They are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overdue!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Canadian Celebrities: Leftovers!

Hi guys and gals! It's been such a gruelling task putting together the fourteen posts of my Great Canadian Adventure that I forgot to include some of my spy cam shots. It's not easy managing all the photos and folders. Better post them before I forget again! And at least while it's still 'relevant'. LOL. I have a trio of guys for you today. The first is Unhappy Harold. Spotted him crossing Main Street with his girlfriend. From my shot, he doesn't look too happy. Bored with his girlfriend perhaps. Should try swinging the other way. Might put a smile on his face!

Unhappy Harold

Secondly is DILF Donald. Spotted this hot daddy shopping designer clothes with his toddler at The Bay, Vancouver Island. From afar I his tanned biceps called to me. Looks all hunky and stylish. I'm sure many would call him Daddy!

DILF Donald

Lastly is Smiley Sam from Sears at Metrotown. He was late for some Toastmasters function and was asking for help. Although he was late, he kept on smiling, flashing those pearly whites. Such a Megawatt smile. Definitely would put a smile on many a gay lou.

Smiley Sam

P.S.: I have a follow-up post from my transit in Hong Kong. Remind me if I forget!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jet Lag Wednesday

Transit I

Departed from YVR on the 8th of September at 0200 and arrived in KUL on the 9th of September at 1225. On the two connecting flights of CX889 and CX723, I managed to watch several movies, but the most memorable was Thermae Romae II, a Japanese production about hot springs. It's actually a sequel about Lucius, a Roman architect who is transported to modern day Japan public baths where he gets inspiration for works back in his time. Very goofy, funny and plenty of skin. Haha. Both of us had missed Mid-Autumn Festival, but at least Cathay Pacific gave us mooncakes as dessert.

Transit II

Thermae Romae II (TAKEUCHI Hideki, Japan 2014)


In Malaysia, I was thrust back into a hot, humid and hazy environment. When I arrived home, the first thing I did was laundry. Didn't take a nap or anything as the goal was to stay awake as long as possible. Showered, packed all the souvenirs and went over to my sister's place to greet mum and The Tribe. Little Monster was in a surprisingly good mood when he saw me and dragged me here and there to look at stuff. Had my first proper home-cooked dinner in weeks and it was great, especially the white radish soup. So fulfilling. Missed the taste of home. By 10:00pm, I was already like a zombie, so I called it a night. Took a day of leave the next day, so I had another full day to readjust my biological clock and pack for my Singapore trip on Thursday. Ugh. So much flying around. There was some kind of demo the week after so my request to stay a little longer in KL was essentially rejected. Back to reality. Back to the rat race.

Mr Moose

P.S.: This post is dedicated to the jet-lagged Tater. LOL. Hope your biological clock readjusts itself soon!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

GCA XIV: Church Hunt, Cafe Hunt, Restaurant Hunt & Finally The End!

Mass Procession

Missed the first Sunday mass in Vancouver cause we were in the wilderness. But our second and last Sunday was in the city, so we went searching for a Catholic church. The nearest was St Patrick's Church. Google Maps gave us the run around. Walked the wrong direction and when we asked people on the street about the location of the church, the looked at us like we were crazy. We doubled back and passed by Gene Cafe, spotting Ruven and Beardogg out front. Quickly asked him for directions but he wasn't very sure. He knew there was a church there, but not the name. We had nothing to lose, so we went for it. Turns out it was the correct place and we were just ten minutes late. Most of the congregation was made up of Pinoys. And they even had a special alcove to house Pinoy favourites like Santa Nino and the Black Nazarene. Another interesting thing about St Patrick's was the fact that they had altar girls.

1, 2, 3, 4

The hunt for the Catholic Church had left us a little tired, so we went to chill at Kafka's for coffee (Ruven had provided us with a gift card). Not long after getting our lattes, we saw Ruven out front with Beardogg. This is how hipsters spend their Sundays -- moving from Cafe to Cafe!

Cafe Hopping

Latte Photgraphy

Went shopping at Sport Chek after that. Took KH ages to decide on some outdoor wear. I nearly went bonkers. More fickle than a Libran (that's me!). Randomly chose to have lunch at Thyme to Indulge. Not a very good choice as the waitresses were slow and the interior sauna-like. Thankfully, the poor environment was redeemed by the food. KH's Duck Hash and my mussels in special garlic and onion sauce really hit the spot. Wandered around Main Street next. Many quirky stores around the area. Even found a store that sold factory discards and manufacturing waste as art supplies.

Makan Time

Duck Hash

Special Mussels

Me & You

Canine Parking

Got our coffee and doughnut fix at the 49th Parallel. They had a successful symbiosis with Lucky's Donuts. I'm no doughnut fan, but Lucky's definitely changed my mind. Didn't stay out any longer as KH was down with the flu. Fed him some meds and got him to bed, while I fiddled with my phone in bed.

Blue on the Inside


When he got up, we went out for a late-ish French dinner at Les Faux Bourgeois. We walked and walked and walked and walked. I thought we were going the wrong way. Spotted the place as I was about to give up. Yay! Sat at the bar (perfect for your hubby to grope your thighs while sharing a glass of red) where we shared a gizzard salad (unconventional but works), duck confit and a lemon and curd dessert. The walk back was easier as we managed to find an easier route. At 11:00 PM, we were all packed up, showered (very important since it was a long, long flight) and Kenji was at the door. Our hosts were out so I just threw in the key wrapped in a hastily-scratched goodbye note after taking a last look at Depencier House.

Duck Confit

Depencier House

First things first, we checked in at YVR before heading back to Richmond to meet Andy at Manzo Izakaya for supper (normal dinner time for them actually). Closer to boarding time, they dropped us back at the airport and we said our goodbyes. Would be seeing Kenji again actually closer to Christmas. Would love to visit Vancouver again, money-willing. LOL. Our flight was OK with minimal turbulence. And during the HK leg, we even got mooncakes in the in-flight meal. When we arrived back in KL, I was still in a state of disbelief that our great Canadian adventure was over. Oh well! There's always next time!

When Will I Be Back