Monday, December 15, 2014

LRT Celebrities: KPop Kim

As with all my travel posts, they can lengthy affairs that sap your patience. Hehe. Tater even suggested that I just fast-forward to the current. But, I can't! This blog acts as my journal. A place where I compile all my life events, memorable or mundane. Anyway, stay with me for just a few more posts. Hehe. Today I'll reward everyone with an LRT Celebrity, KPop Kim! Been ages since I found someone of this quality. Rare to see someone all-dressed up, with slick hair, flawless skin and big guns (I'm such a sucker for muscular arms) on the Ampang Line. I managed to get some pretty good shots since it was two in the afternoon. Perfect light. Even managed to get his pits! Enjoy!


Happy walker said...


Hdaran said...

Looks like he was intentionally posing!!!

Anonymous said...

i like cute chinese bottoms, but kpop kim is hot and very familiar looking. too bad he is borderline muscle mary (if i think he is who he is)

Ash Godiva said...

wah you even managed to get his pits...i think this talent of yours can made you to be a good sniperXD

Anonymous said...

Hmm seems he to be modelling for u... Lol

William said...

You tak suka?

@Hdaran: @VC:
A poser

Haha, you have declared that he is gay and a bottom!

He was an easy subject :P

tuls said...

post ini menggembirakan! :)