Friday, November 14, 2014

GCA V: Stanley Park Revisited

Run & Cycle

Stanley Park's a huge ass park, definitely bigger than Nicky Minaj's power-upped booty, so I decided to give it a revisit. On my first day, I went to the counter-clockwise direction, so I went to the clockwise direction instead. A different segment of the Seawall that is more rocky, a perfect place for rock stacking. Actually walked 8km that day, pushing myself from the second beach till the third beach and finally turned back at Siwash Rock. Unfortunately, during that excursion to Stanley Park, I dropped my monopod's smartphone extension. KH sulked for a bit. Hehe. But all was not lost as we could still use it with my digital camera.

Rock Stack I

Pano Stanley Park Clockwise

Seawall Clockwise

Siwash Rock

I walked back to English Bay and made my way to Denman Street for an early lunch at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, bypassing the long queues. Sat next to a studious looking nerd at the counter and slurped our noodles in unison. Compared to KL, Vancouver's version is better and I had correctly chosen the Shio Ramen that best showcases their flavour. After slurping all my noodles, I went back to the hotel to rest. Later that evening was KH's graduation dinner. Had to look my best. Put on a tight, royal blue shirt and gray striped tie to match KH who was looking dapper in a suit. We joined the tail-end of the cocktail party Just managed to grab some scrumptious king scallop hors d'ouvres. It was free seating and KH chose a table with familiar faces from Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. All of them were there with their wives. I had the honour of being the only husband. Dinner started with a mushroom soup that I found too peppery, followed by a chunk of AAA beef steak. Along the way there were speeches and video replays of the past three days and right after dessert was served, they started handing out the 200 odd certificates. The tables from Quebec were the most boisterous with their "Ole, Ole, Ole" and loud banter. Oddly enough, it provided much atmosphere to an otherwise bland affair. For every person who went up, they would shout, "You did a good job!". And of course it would be a notch higher if the person was from Quebec. A woman even requested a little something special for them when it was her turn. Toasted with wine and took pics. We didn't stay for the president's reception as we needed to pack and check out the next day. Congratulations again to my hubby! And one step closer for me to Tai-tai-hood!

Santouka Ramen


Happy walker said...


Jaded Jeremy said...

Should have gotten married there lah :)

William said...


You should be there as a witness

Jaded Jeremy said...

Honestly, I would be honoured to do so.

Twilight Man said...

Yeah! Yeah! You both should kahwin there by the beach and throw your bouquet for Lifebook to catch behind. Muahahaha

TZ said...

I heard Stanley park is beautiful but i have not time to visit. Sigh~

Derek said...

Thanks dear for being there at the ceremony! So happy to be have you there beside me