Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thai Trouble

Eat & Drink

Slept till 9:30 am after the night before's fiasco at Hospital Serdang. Went to breakfast with SK, mum and Apollo's mum at our usual WTM haunt. Really needed that comfort breakfast. Mum did her replacement marketing at the small grocery stores nearby. Back home, I backwashed the water filter, swept the floor and proceeded to mop it, cleaning all the cockroach stains from the floor (they tend to ooze juices during their death throes). A great workout. Retreated to my room after that and watched some movies on my lappie (bukan porno la). Mum cooked lunch with what she bought in the morning and it was yummy. Mee suah in chicken broth with prawns. Very satisfying. Later in the afternoon, KH came to see me briefly. Only had enough time to go buy 4D at Taman Kinrara. No time even for drinks as he was attending the Energizer Run in the evening. 15 km on the exact day of the Hungry Ghost Festival. Huhuhu. Interesting.

Starving Asian

A new Thai restaurant called Restoran Andy had opened in Puncak Jalil, so mum and I decided to give it a try. And best of all, they were having a 50% off promotion for customers who walk in with their flyer. Based on the comments on my community Facebook page, I was prepared for bad service, but I never expected that it would be chaotic. Firstly, there was only one woman taking orders and they had limited menus. She seemed to dart from table to table but coudn't get a single thing done. One table had three dishes brought to them and all three were rejected cause they were not what they ordered. Alarm bells right? Anyway, we sat there for ten minutes before the table beside us offered their menu. Tried their lemon steamed Tilapia, stir-fried sweet potato leaves and a seafood tomyum. Surprisingly, the tomyum arrived very quickly. But the steamed rice didn't come for fifteen minutes. From where I sat, I could see that they had no rice! A whole bunch of people were fretting over the rice cooker. When the rice finally came, it was just half-cooked. LOL. But at least the waiter offered to reheat the tomyum. Plenty of prawns and cuttlefish inside, but a tad too salty. The vegetables came next and the fish was last to arrive. Surprise, surprise, the fish wasn't very hot and some parts were not very cooked. The last nail in the coffin. If they don't buck up, I'm sure they'll close down soon enough. Think the boss was around when I was there. All he did was walk around and chat with his fiends. Didn't lift a finger. My first and last time there!

Lemon & Lime


Twilight Man said...

The fish looked sad.

Happy walker said...

so good keep eat good food~ XD

TZ said...

fly over to BKK for real good Thai food :)

William said...

I was morose

Eat and be happy

BKK is not my second home