Thursday, October 16, 2014

Suddenly Singapore I: First Wave


For my work trip to Singapore, my company had purchased an Air Asia ticket. Hence, I had the opportunity to experience KLIA2. A really huge airport that has more substance as a shopping mall than an airport really. The walk to the gate was really, really long. And the funny thing was that one had to go up and down. The escalators were few (like too small a small a swimsuit to cover Nicky Minaj's booty) and there was only one travelator. Hardly saw any buggies travelling the length of it. The old and decrepit will most probably take three days and nights to complete the journey. In Singapore, I tried to do as much work as possible as I was only there for a week before I go off for my Great Canada Adventure! The first thing I did was to tell my supervisor that I had already applied for my block leave prior the assignment. Tried to understand as much of possible about the initial requirements and came up with the database design and relevant documentation so that my colleagues could proceed in my absence. In that short work week, I also managed to meet up with an ex-colleague of mine. Treated me to dinner at Mont Calzone, Far East Square. There was a buy one, free deal on pizzas and beer and amazingly we finished all of it while filling each other in about ex-colleagues. Moonlightpiggy also met up with me. She was at a loss as to where to go for dinner, so we listened to KH' recommendation of Sushi Tei. Not exactly my favourite Japanese restaurant, but KH assured me that it was much better in Singapore. Unfortunately I suffered from the same Sushi Tei syndrome. The symptoms were the flipping of the menu from front to back but still end up with no idea what to eat. The only thing that caught my eye was the tempura crab legs. That's not something common. The five days passed by quickly. By Friday evening, I was back in KL with just three days to pack for my trip!


Twilight Man said...

Have fun babe in Singapore. Wanna hire me to be KH's baby sitter?

William said...

Thanks. His mum does a good job :P

TZ said...

the airport is very huge eh~

Jaded Jeremy said...

Oh, I used to love Mont Calzone. Not sure how good it is now. Do you remember I brought you guys eat there before and pointed out a certain waiter there?

Don't think my mum can use KLIA2. Probably need a wheelchair.