Monday, October 20, 2014

Spycam Anatomy

After Swim

Anatomy of a spy cam shot.

You get off work. Take the 25 minute train ride to your station. Walk to the parking lot to get your car. Pass by a public pool and a lean, tanned CYT appears in front of you. Your eyes follow his cute, little ass and then it suddenly hits you that you need to take some shots! You fumble for your phone and your target continues to walk. You try to match his pace, furiously clicking the shutter button. You get a few shots, but the moment has passed. Back in the car, you review your handiwork. Crap, out of many shots, only one wasn't blurry!

Oh well...


Twilight Man said...


Hdaran said...

You got me to thinking if I should do an Indian version of Spycam... Hmmmppphhhh.....

Anonymous said...

That's it?.... Losing touch hor

the viennamese said...

Nice. Check out that hot back and that sexy waist. Mmm.~

William said...

I'm an angel

Please do!

Feel free to contribute

I should stalk dragon-boaters