Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Non-Halal Comes to Pavilion

KH was hankering for movie time with me so we went to Pavilion on Saturday afternoon to watch "Guardians of the Galaxy". Noticed several new outlets there. Happened in just a span of few months. Now there's a new Taste Enclave there proving that non-Halal food courts are all the rage in higher end establishments. Another new place is Azzurro, an Italian Cafe-Restaurant. Also some upgrading in Food Republic and the newly-renovated ToastBox-Bread Talk pair. Basically went walking around since show time was in a few hours.

Old Cycle

No Outside Food Allowed

When we got tired, we stopped at The Morning After coffee and a bagel. Judging by their lack of business, their location near Harvey Norman must be really bad. While surfing FB, I noticed that tuls was also in Pavilion, so I left a comment on his status. In just a few minutes, he came waltzing to the cafe with an entourage of two twinks-- Pidut and Boy X All three were new faces for me. They were celebrating tuls' birthday. So nice kan? And we were also gonna watch the same movie. Tuls immediately suggested that we do a selfie. LOL. Priorities. Priorities. We didn't stay to watch the post-credits scene. Found out later that it was about Howard the Duck. Emmmm. That short paktor session was actually partially-triggered by the fact that I received a call from my GM on Friday night. The bosses in Singapore had requested that I be based in Singapore for a few months. Blegh. So ironic that when KH was working in Singapore, I was in Malaysia. And now that KH is working in Kuala Lumpur, I'll be going to Singapore. I feel an Alanis Morisette song coming up...

Caramel Latte



Twilight Man said...

What a lucky devil to work in Singapore. You will miss KL more and kiss our soil when you return.

Hdaran said...

It's confirmed that you're moving??? Well, poor poor KH!

TZ said...

Complicated Coffee art pattern... How much is the coffee cost?

William said...

Unlucky that KH is in KL

Not moving.

Normal Cafe price

Anonymous said...