Sunday, October 26, 2014

GCA I: Airport Hopping


Since I was in Singapore for a week before I flew, I only had the weekend to pack for my great Canada vacation with KH. Wasn't really sure what I needed, so I just randomly dumped clothes and supplies into my luggage bag. Hopefully it would suffice. For the flight, KH chose Cathay Pacific. My first time flying with them actually. Based on company entitlement (well, he gets a two year bond as a result), KH could have flown business class, but in order to accompany me, he chose premium economy instead. Such a sweetie. Our flight was at 1730 to Hong Kong where we transited for a couple of hours before proceeding to Vancouver. The flight number was very auspicious, CX888.




With the extra leg room and cushier seats, the twelve hour flight wasn't so bad. Just ate and slept and ate and slept. By the time we had arrived at Vancouver International Airport (Yay!), it was 9:40 PM the same day, kinda 'gained a day' flying East. Took a cab to the Westin Bayshore Hotel. Didn't see much in the dark. All we knew was that the air was very fresh and cool as the cabbie had wound down all the windows on his hybrid car. Roads were very straight and houses by the main roads were mostly surrounded by high hedges. As we got into Westin, I wasn't impressed by its outlook. Kinda had a four star vibe going for it. But our room was nice with two double beds (one for sleeping, one for fucking) and a great view of Coal Harbour. The first thing we did was kiss and jump into a hot shower. And what's more relaxing after a long flight than making love? I adapted quickly to the new environment but KH not so much. I slept like a pig, but KH had a sleepless night...



Happy walker said...

macam yes~

Twilight Man said...

You sound like a happy kid.

Ash Godiva said...

wah you're so energetic,still got energy to make love even after long flightXD


everytime meet KH also have to make love? lol

Anonymous said...

Skank vs love... Lol

William said...

How to jio?

Happy, Happy!

LOL, got sleep on the plane mah. And we went for an evening walk along the harbour before that.

We don't have enough sex :D

Skank & Love