Sunday, September 14, 2014

Monday and Tuesday


For the first time, the Federal Territories enjoyed a holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran. And with it falling on a Tuesday, I declared Monday a holiday for myself. Woke up late, freshened up and went over to my sister's place. Had a quick breakfast and went out to fetch Big Monster from kindergarten. Stopped for lunch at Restoran Sun Yun Heong Yun, Taman Damai Utama. Heard about this YTF place for months, but never went looking for it. Little Monster ate the porridge and salmon steak that my mum had packed, while Big Monster had the noodles that I ordered. Both of them were super hungry. The soup noodles and YTF were actually quite good. Will come back again to try their other stuff. Brought them all out to run some errands, then got back home at about 3:30 pm. Time for Little Monster's nap. Coincidentally, SK had 'snaked' too, so we went out to AEON Taman Equine to yumcha at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Feeling a little masochistic, SK ordered french toast. That pan-fried bread with huge dollop of butter and peanut butter really did wonders for her GI tract after that.

Pork Rib Noodles

Tuesday was movie day with SK, mum and KH. Before going out to watch "The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", we had breakfast at Restoran Sun Yun Heong Yun again. This time, I ordered their pork ribs noodles. Not bad, but perhaps it could do with a bowl of soup. Went straight to Sunway Pyramid after that. Always a headache when it comes to parking there. But SK had it all figured out by parking at their "Preferred Parking" zone. The only catch is that you need to pay more and you need to use Touch n' Go. With 45 minutes to burn before show time, we did some shopping.

Death Wish

The film ran for more than two hours. Mum was a little bored at first, but I think she could follow the plot in the later bits. Overall, it was good movie. When we got out, Apollo and QueerRanter-D were already waiting at Coffea Coffee. But we were famished, so stopped by at O' Viet first. Surprisingly empty compared to the other restaurants. Not like it was expensive or the food lousy. Vietnamese ain't that popular? Normally I would order pho, but on that day I went for bún, dry rice noodles with peanut sauce and lemon grass grilled fish. Joined Apollo & QueerRanter-D after that. Tried the avocado mocha with ice cream. The flavour was quite good, each ingredient was well-complemented. Apollo complained about his work at a marketing agency selling Maxis corporate plans. Don't think he'll stay long there.


Avocado Mocha with Ice Cream

On our way home, got a SOS from Sis. Little Monster was sick and she wasn't able to feed him fever medication by herself. The little tyke even had red rashes on his legs, hands and trunk. Mum stayed back to cook dinner for him, while SK and I went to have dinner at OKR with the gang. Dinner was more expensive than I thought sitting outside a dilapidated wooden house with less than pleasing surroundings. Best thing was, KH's parents were having dinner just a few tables away and there I was feeding him siew yuk. XD. KT actually brought a strawberry cream cake out. Such cravings that woman has. But we decided not to eat it there. Moved the venue back to her condo in Taman Desa. We gave her fifteen minutes to make her living room presentable. Haha. In addition to the cake, we had chips, tortilla chips and some drinks. Been a while since we gathered like that...

Thai Style Tofu

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