Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Early Church, Early Work


Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to have wantan noodles at Kong Kee. Mum decided not to go to OUG that day, so just grabbed a few items from the grocery stores in Puncak Jalil. On the way back home, stopped by at the playground where mum's friends were resting after their morning jog. Here's what transpired:

Neighbour: So good that your son drives you around. My son is still sleeping!

Moi: If you want, you can tumpang my car next time.

Neighbour: Good, good. But I wish my son would be like you. So good. Still not yet have girlfriend ah? Go after my daughter la! Although someone is wooing her, I'll put in a good word for you!

Moi: ..................................

My mother just changed the topic. Phew. At noon, we went out to have lunch at Nihon-Kai. It was a full house that afternoon with a family even dining out on the pavement in the heat wave. Gratitude joined us. It was good as we had not had a proper meet up in months. He paid for lunch. Always the generous one. Later that evening, mum and I went to church. When I go for sunset mass, it can only mean one thing-- work on a Sunday. Blegh. Dinner was at Heritage Village Cafe where the service was so sucky that I practically wanted to go prepare the food myself! I slept early that night to reach office at 8:00 am the next morning. Walked up and down looking for breakfast forgetting that there was a 7-11 nearby. Sheesh. Some problems here and there. By noon, my client announced that the migration exercise was a success.

Assorted Raw

Quickly jumped into my car and headed home. When I got home, mum was in super spring cleaning mode. No stopping her in that mode, so I went out for lunch alone at Restoran Joylynn, Taman Damai Utama. Needed a feel good meal, so I got a plate of chicken rice with an extra order of charsiew and iced coffee. Unfortunately an oily affair. Packed a ham and egg sandwich for mum. Before heading home, I went to the nearby pharmacy to replenish some medicine for SK. The aisle that I wanted to use was blocked by an Indian couple. The guy was squatting down, while the woman stared dumbly. They were still there after I had paid and left. In the car, I noticed that the cashier had given me an extra MYR25, so I went back in to refund it. On my way in, the couple walked out with a box of condoms in hand, looking oh-so-satisfied. Think they're gonna use it straight away. Recovered some sleep by napping a couple of hours. MaisonSK hosted dinner again that evening and KH brought some port to liven things up a little. But nothing beats the stolen kisses that KH gives me...


Anonymous said...

hmm..your neighbor is now eying you to be her son-in-law...i wish my chinese neighbor would be like your neighbor (but she has no daughters, only cute sons, hehe)

Ash Godiva said...

and we had not meet up for yearsXD

Hdaran said...

You both (KH and you) should make an attempt to "buang soi".
Among Indians, we do it to avoid negative effects of lingering jealous eyes.
And by jealous eyes I mean mine! :P
No no, I'm not creepy at all.......

William said...

Wakakaka. I want cute boys next door too!

Are you in KL now?

Mandi bunga?

Gratitude said...

Lambatnyer post ni!