Friday, August 01, 2014

Vegetarian Birthday

Fruity Heart

Apollo created a What's App group to organize QueerRanter-D's birthday gathering. Seems like the better alternative to e-mail threads these days. Much dispute about the date and time but we finally managed to arrange it on Saturday noon at U-Yen Vegetarian Restaurant. Two new faces joined the lunch-- Sam and KreamKing. I won't elaborate much on the food... cause it's vegetarian. But quite nice la. :P. Provided you don't let the fried stuff get soggy in the gravy. But I loved their passion fruit tea. Too bad they didn't have a large table to fit ten of us. Weird to have lunch with two small round tables. Awkward seating and forced to pass dishes up and down like musical chairs. Hate that. Didn't cut the birthday cake at the restaurant as the cake wasn't there yet. LOL. Apollo and gang went off in one car to pick up the cake from Foret Blanc while we went to buy 4D before going to Coffee Factory, Setiawalk. Tried their recommended Salted Caramel Latte while KH went for their Green Tea Coffee Latte. My drink came with LINE Brown foam art while KH's LINE Cony didn't quite turn out well. Taste-wise, couldn't really detect much salted caramel lo. But I did like the green tea coffee. Much better than pure green tea lattes. The cake arrved not long after we did. A strawberry cream monstrosity! :P. So many strawberries! But I didn't take much of the cream, too milky for my delicate tummy. On the other hand, KreamKing lapped it all up, hence the name. Hopefully in the bedroom, he's a cum pig as well. Huhu.

Sitting on the Union Jack

At about 4:00 pm, we all went our separate ways. Mum and I had to rush to church for evening mass because I had to work on Sunday. Made it in time for half of Holy Hour. Guess you guys wouldn't be surprised if I said that dinner was at Paradigm Mall. To break our monotony, we ate at The Chicken Rice Shop! Yes. THAT place. Feel free to hum their marketing jingle. So surprised to see that their prices had shot up! Next time I'll try Daorae Express next door.

Cony Latte Art

Brown Latte Art

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Derek said...

The cake was nice le. I recall that this was a busy period for you. Muacks