Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Meeting & Movies


Been a while since mum and I made a trip to the wet market. So it was a great chance for her to stock up on free-range chicken that are so great for soups and stocks. Had a simple breakfast of soup noodles at the OUG side lane. Simple, hot and wholesome. For lunch, KH arranged for lunch with Kenny at Delicious @ Bangsar Village II. I've not set foot in Delicious in years. Couldn't recognize the menu. Total revamp. Their branch in BVII is quite large and poorly-manned. Lethargic service, ten-cent faces... well you get the picture. Took a long look (several looks actually) at the menu before finally deciding on their pesto pasta with grilled chicken. Not bad la. Anyway, back to Kenny. The last I saw him was years ago during CNY. Since then his health was a bit of a roller coaster ride, but he has since recovered. Didn't take long to catch up. Walked around a bit after that, but truth be told, nothing much to shop at BV. On a whim, I decided to see Antinous to pass him the kids clothes that he needs for his Cambodian charity project. That big bag of clothes had been rolling around in my boot for weeks. Tried my best to find my way to his condo in Kelana Jaya but Waze kinda failed me by bringing me jalan-jalan taman. In the end, we met at one of the mamak shops near his place. Also another face that I had not met in years! Due to his awet muda genes, he didn't look much different. Didn't talk for long as the heat was unbearable and I wasn't feeling well. A lingering sickness with a tenacity that is mirrored by the extra sticky and thick mucus in my nose. Wakakaka. Just a day later, Antinous informed me that he caught my bug. Opps. So virulent... It's not like we snogged!

Not So Delicious


Salted Caramel Latte

Ever heard of the Beanieplex? It's basically watching a movie with two giant beanbags. You need a moment to find the perfect angle and it might get a bit cold cause the beanbags are made of PVC. BIL treated the whole tribe to watch "How To Train Your Dragon 2". Many people found it very good, but to me it was OK la. Disability was recurring theme. Multiple main characters had missing limbs, highlighting the 'imperfection' of reality. Circled Grand Shanghai Food Court only to find that there was nothing that we wanted to eat. Went all the way down to Reminisce Cafe for their huge selection of food. Too huge actually. Jack of all trades, master of none. But he environment was kinda cool, with all sorts of odd knick knacks from years ago. Old furniture, vintage thermal flasks, woven chairs and Silverhawk tikam cards. Thanks to my blocked nose, I couldn't taste my meal. The gula melaka in my soya bean could very well have been water. Balik rumah tidur awal...

Old School



Twilight Man said...

I agree that the cafes have lost its pioneer services after Delicious changed hands.
Beanie bags are my favourite which I prefer to avoid as I would doze off comfortably.

Anonymous said...

Ada typo...

Happy walker said...

enjoyed the salted caramel~ =D

William said...

That was my first visit after several years. Noticed the big change in the menu. The beanie bags in the Beanieplex are too cold. Not cozy.


You like it?

Derek said...

Why baby don't like the movie? Blek

Hdaran said...

Last I heard of Delicious, Cookies and Cakes was mercilessly trashing it.

William said...

Didn't say don't like also

Where is Cookies & Cakes?

William said...

Didn't say don't like also

Where is Cookies & Cakes?