Friday, August 08, 2014

Japanese & Italian


SK bought several discount vouchers to purchase air-flown fish from Kuriya, Bangsar Shopping Center. Ever since she visit Tsujiki and Kuromon Market in Japan, she had wanted to recreate that experience. We planned to arrive earlier to have a better selection, but many more patrons were more kiasu than us. But actually, the crowd was due to a tuna cutting event there. Labelled it as "Chef vs Pacific Bluefin Tuna". Not much of a challenge since the fish was dead, but still. Haha. It definitely takes skill to prepare a fish that large and expensive! We did not have much choice left in the air-flown fish department. The only affordable fish was the madai (Sea Bream) and uni (sea urchin). Started with a sashimi and later the head and bones were made into delicious miso soup. Also ate a grilled hamachi collar, teppanyaki prawns, nigiri sushi and handmade soba. Shopped a bit at The Gardens Mall after lunch. A big haul of clothes from G2000 and Banana Republic. Some great discounts. Later that evening, SK made a tomato and goat cheese ravioli dinner. She bought it frozen from BIG. All she needed to do was blanch the ravioli and prepare the pesto sauce. A simple and hearty meal.



Teppanyaki Prawns

Work Shirts



Happy walker said...

yoh, bad lah u for sharing this, u know i like japanese food de loh~

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William said...

:D Mission accomplished

Twilight Man said...

You have nice toes and shirts!