Monday, August 04, 2014

DR = Disaster Recovery = Dah Raya?

Dah Raya Ke?
Late post: Memang dah raya pun! :P
According to central bank requirements, banks need to perform disaster recovery exercises twice a year. For my client, the original date was on Easter Sunday, but they postponed it twice and finally it ended up on Father's Day. Crazy type of date selection. Went to the data centre at 5:00 am, but things didn't require my attention till 8:00 am due to some delays. Plenty of time to yawn, chit-chat and eat the free nasi lemak. The rest of my colleagues heboh bola while some even brought Astro-on-the-Go. Some hiccups while trying to bring up the system on the DR server but the worst was the network issues. Quite debilatating. Scrambled to get the workaround in place. My shift ended at noon, but I was still there after 2:00 pm. Ended up having the free nasi tomato for lunch. Reached home at 3:00 pm and konked out for three hours. Big Monster had a birthday bash at home. His dad invited his friends over. All young families, so plenty of kids. Some satay (the stall sold ketupat in traditional woven shells!), YTF, fried noodles and stuff. Apollo also came. As he was the last guest to arrive, we forced him to finish all the food. LOL. The kid's uncle got him an Angry Bird cake that I suspect used Sudan Red for the icing. LOL. Stubbornly stains skin, clothes and non-porous surfaces!

Note: Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers. Maaf zahir dan batin!

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