Monday, July 14, 2014

Pleasure After Business

Eat My Love

A major deployment was performed for my client spanning almost two days. Six am on Saturday, I went into their data centre to meet my bleary-eyed colleagues who had been there since midnight. They told me there was a problem when starting up the system. Had to do some manual intervention to make it work. I checked the logs and found that my program couldn't connect to the interface server. Koyak!. Contacted the IT PM and she quickly mobilized her network team. Settings and firewall rules had been 'settled' days before and yet we still see these problems on D-Day. As the hours went by, I saw the network and firewall team fighting with the AS/400 team on the What's App group that was created to coordinate our actions. So funny that they couldn't agree on the actual IP address to be used. Seeing that it was going no where, we went out for a nasi lemak breakfast at a nearby food court. During the whole meal, the tone was quite sombre because of the recent salary increment. The numbers were very disappointing compared to the rest of the group. Morale was very low. And yet there we were, working on a weekend. With a refreshed mind, we went back in and noticed some differences in the authority of the new objects. Quickly contacted IT Security to get it sorted out. Seems that solved one problem. The connectivity issue was only resolved at noon when somebody with clout came in to make a firm decision. Immediately packed and left after performing the health check.

His & His Pt. II

Left just in time for lunch. Went to look KH up. Definitely the perfect way to unwind. Found the first available parking in front of Burger Bar and ate there. Shared a Cheese Pork Burger. The bun was nicely toasted and the patty was juicy with a surprise filling of cheese. However, the green tea was a tad too sweet and the potato wedges not too good. And minus points for the indifferent staff manning the counter. The interior's kinda cosy, but not a place to lepak too long at. Got my coffee fix at My Character de Coffee. Got back home at about 3:00 pm and jumped into bed. Fell asleep easily. Woke up and spent some time online. Found an interesting read on GT-- "Ultimate Guide to Prostrate Pleasure". Downloaded it and did some speed reading. LOL. Very interesting. A good guide to finding one's hidden pleasure button. :P. Showered and made my way to Paradigm Mall for dinner. Apollo's mum was gonna go back to Sandakan for a while so it was a farewell dinner of sorts.

Eat Me

The fuel indicator was blinking, so we stopped at the Shell station beside the mall. An Alza was doing the same at the pump in front of us. All of a sudden, the whole car shook as though buffalos were humping inside. Someone on the front passenger seat was actually bouncing up and down with wild abandon as though a flesh-eating scarab was crawling up his anal canal. If that wasn't enough, a lady came down from the car and starting rocking the car from side. Goodness. What the Hell were those people trying to achieve?! By the time we left, they were still at it. Can someone explain to me what we just saw? Our dinner was at Purple Cane Tea Retaurant. Full house that evening. KH, Brian, QueerRanter-D and Adam also joined, but Lifebook FFK-ed us at the last minute. Lifebook has something called Weekendisitis, where one falls sick on weekends. For some reason, I wasn't impressed with the food there that night. Dessert was at Hokkaido Ice Cream. Ordered a whole variety of stuffed and passed it around musical chair style till it all was wiped clean! Everyone took an interest on the Niagara Wine Sherbet, not really being able to pinpoint the taste. Apollo thought it tasted like Vitagen, but it finally dawned on me that it tasted like the Marukawa bubblegum in a box that I used to eat when I was in primary school. Guess they used the same esthers. LOL.


Hdaran said...

How can I get my hands (eyes) on that book???

Happy walker said...

looks so lovely~ =D

untold stories said...

is this the book

SamLee said...

I think they were trying to get more petrol in lol cz alot of Singaporeans do that when they come in to Malaysia to pump petrol haha

William said...

Get it on Gay Torrents.

The dessert?

Yes, that's the one

They were Malaysians!

Jaded Jeremy said...

Re the car: they were shaking out the cockcroaches :P Or maybe lizards.

Derek said...

Always read skanky books!

Twilight Man said...

IT jobs can be fun and scary sometimes when troubleshoot happens.

I love to see cars being rocked to run imaginations wild.

Lifebook was supposed to drive me but ended up I drove him to dinner on Saturday. Can you teach him how to get skinny like you?