Friday, July 25, 2014

Medan Pasar Monday

Operation Bak Zhang

Monday was my replacement leave for YDPA's birthday celebration on Saturday. Woke up early and went over to my sister's place for a bakzhang breakfast. Little Monster was also up and he was super sticky to his mother. When she left for work, he threw a big tantrum and rushed out to the porch crying saying that his mum had not kissed him yet (although in fact she did). Once he had got it all out of his system, he was cheerful as though nothing happened. Fed him breakfast and played with him till lunch time. Went out to have lunch with KH after that. Took a walk to Central Market. Been ages since I've been to that tourist trap, but its Art Deco facade and vintage tiles still captivate. Precious Old China was our choice of venue as KH had not tried it. For some reason, the air conditioning wasn't working well that day, so it was quite a stuffy affair among all those antiques. We ordered the Devil Chicken Curry and Okra Kerabu. Unfortunately, the latter took very long to arrive. Soooo annoyed. But it was quite nice. Think I will attempt to make it-- steamed okra, ground chilli, toasted dried shrimp, shallots and lime juice. Perfect with steamed white rice.

Kuih Avalanche

Dining in the Old Days

Have A Seat


Since KH isn't a fan of Old Town White Coffee, we tried Uncle Wah Kopitiam instead, one of the new additions at The Annexe. Their signature drink is Iced Special Coffee which basically is coffee mixed with cocoa powder. Nothing special except for the fact that the cocoa effectively masks all taste of coffee in the drink. LOL. Did a little roaming around the area after that. DBKL had refurbished Medan Pasar, reviving the clock tower (however, since the plaques had been removed, many do not know that it was erected in 1937 to commemorate the coronation of King George IV), adding a water feature and repaving it. And I noticed that Sin Seng Nam is no longer operating by that name. Turns out they closed shop in February after 85 years. I remember the old Beatles and Elvis posters on the walls and the sturdy wooden stairs that led to the second floor. And the waiters that manned the place were old uncles who had been with them for ages. Always curt and no-nonsense, with a small tablecloth draped over their forearm. Little by little, KL loses its old world charm...

Sin Seng Nam is No More


Hdaran said...

I hope Penang never loses that charm. It's what most Penangites love about Penang...

William said...

It takes effort to keep it up

Derek said...

Should come down find me more often ;-)