Saturday, July 12, 2014

LRT Celebrities: Tight Todd

Tight Todd

Hi guys and gals! Definitely been a long time since my last edition of LRT Celebrities. At first I was wondering whether I should give it a rest during the holy month of Ramadhan, but I don't think my Muslim readers mind (not sure how many I have actually). Anyway... here's Tight Todd. He's not here because he's exceptionally cute or fabulous. I just want to use him as an example to highlight many of my gay lou friends' fetish for men in tight work clothes. Just look at the chest and sleeves. Don't see much excess material at all! Slim fit shirt + wide chest = drooling in the LRT. Fantastic equation. And lets not talk about slim hips and perky ass in tight slacks. That would membasahkan. Kinda reminds me of the guy on Astro's Brands Essence of Chicken advertisement. Could pop out of his shirt at any moment. Do you have such a festish?


Anonymous said...

That is called wide chest?

shane said...

Lol at the comment up there.
Oh the brand essence which fulled with gays talents! The one that shown in gsc cinema ads right

Happy walker said...


Anonymous said...

Tat essence guy smile just melts... Mmmmmm

Jaded Jeremy said...

"And lets not talk about slim hips and perky ass in tight slacks."

Mana pix??

Anonymous said...

you do have muslim readers, including yours truly, but i'm more of an agnostic because something is seriously wrong with Islam, I just don't get why we have to hate the Jews and condemn homosexuality and kill those who commit apostasy.

anyhoos, i rather see cute chinese twinks. they are always on the train. so yummy.

William said...

Not button-bursting, but OK la :D

Yes, I think so


Your cup of chicken essence?

Takde lo

I see. Are you a practising Muslim then? Thanks for reading. :)

Anonymous said...

hi william. i am not a practicing muslim, not anymore, i'm going to hell anyways for liking penis. haha!

William said...

Who knows, you might end up in Heaven with plenty of dicks waiting for you!