Thursday, July 10, 2014

JJ's Birthday : Slot IV

Mr. Danny
Swiped from Yip Choon Wai @ Flickr
Been some time since mum and I went to the market. A leisurely trip with nothing much to buy. For some reason, it was less crowded than usual. Just the random rush for bak zhang leaves. A opportunity for skanking presented itself because mum had an AGM in the afternoon. Told KH about it and he arrived at my home at around 3:00 pm. Plenty of time for me to 'freshen up', make the bed and line up the lube and tissues. No rose petals, no candles, no essential oils. LOL. A sweaty affair that afternoon. Moaned my heart out with a new position. Finished up within an hour just in time to receive a call from my mum that her meeting had ended. Need more time to switch a few positions at least. Didn't even have the time to finish for KH (sorry baby xoxo).

In the evening, we went to Paradigm Mall for Jaded Jeremy's birthday dinner. Originally, it was scheduled for two weeks ago, but was rescheduled due to KH's company trip and SK's surgery. Once again, ate at Sushi Zanmai. KH saw a seasonal item on the menu and immediately ordered it for me: Cranky Summer Roll. Wonder what he was getting at. LOL. Felt like having some dessert, so we went to TPF. The menu looked new to me. Several best-sellers were missing. Think they have split with the original Tong Pak Fu after the whole So Si Man fiasco (she called Malaysian food crappy in case you missed that). Shopped a bit before we left going from shop to shop trying to accumulate MYR400 in purchases so that KH could claim his Tupperware from Hong Leong Bank. That boyfriend of mine can sometimes enter into Super Auntie mode. Hahaha.


Jaded Jeremy said...

The Cranky Summer Roll still cracks me up lol.

Happy walker said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your friend~ =D

Anonymous said...

wait a sec,isn't tong pak fu the name of one of stephen chow's famous movie characters?

William said...

It's no longer on the menu

Attention:- JJ

He was a real scholar
Famous story: 唐伯虎點秋香

Derek said...

Purposely choose that roll for you de hehe