Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Japanese & Korean


Been ages since we tried out a new Japanese restaurant. So when SK sent me screenshots of an article about Kogetsu in the newspaper, I agreed to it in a heartbeat (already very quick by my fickle Libran standards :P). Initial guests were SK, SK's granny, mum and I. Roped in the fifth person, who else if not my boyfriend KH? But it wasn't entirely due to the fact that I let him into my pants-- with his CIMB credit card, the fifth diner eats for free. Haha. Drove to Saujana Hotel in one car. Went up to the main building only to be told that it was near the recreational club instead. Turns out that the restaurant is a low wooden building located next to a lake. Like a nice little ryokan in Subang Jaya. We were given a table with a view of the lake. Beautiful to see the rippling reflection of the sky while shoving sashimi into my mouth. LOL. FYI, the buffet at Kogetsu is ala-carte with 99 items on the menu. As with all places that attempt to do an ala-carte buffet, they usually degrade into chaos as the patrons increase.



Always be one of the first to arrive to avoid disappointment and mangzang-ness. Orders tend to get messed up, missed, sent to the wrong table. You get the idea. Something was very wrong with the sushi counter that day. Thrice did we ask the waiter to check on our orders. When it finally arrived, we got three times the portion. LOL. A whole platter! Luckily the cuts of fish was thick and the rice nice. Finished it without a problem. The BBQ squid tentacles were also well executed. Another favourite of ours was the teppanyaki prawns. Big and juicy. Funny thing was, after we had our dessert, they kept wrongly bringing food to our table. Triple orders of the same thing. Failed. But I'm sure some of the other starving patrons gladly took up those plates. Paid the bill and went for a photo session around the grounds. Mum wanted to show off the new Miu Miu handbag that my brother got her from Florence (and I got a Prada wallet!).

Lots and Lots of Sushi!


Lunch with a View

With our bellies sloshing with fish and green tea, we went shopping at Empire Subang. Mum managed to get some stuff at Tangs and Ms. Read, while KH and I lepak-ed at Espressolab. Dinner that night was at MaisonSK. Whipped up a complete meal within roughly half an hour. That woman is amazing. In the evening, KH and I went out again to meet Ivan. I asked SK along too. Once again he was in town with his dad for a short holiday. Good thing he dumped Radius International Hotel for WOLO this time. Since we had some time to kill before meeting him, did some shopping at Isetan Lot 10. The places closed at 9:30 pm and would you believe that the sales staff just shoo you out although you are standing there wanting to buy something. Goodness. Ivan was his usual self. I let KH and him talk shop while I scanned Tours Les Jours for gay lous. Plenty of sightings that night. Fearing that KH's sleep might be affected by coffee, we shared a green tea latte instead. I can confirm that I hate green tea lattes. Cake-wise, Ivans requested chocolate, so we had a Devil's Food Cake and a Black Forest.

Espress Latte


Before we left for home, Ivan showed us around WOLO. Never noticed that the elevators at the back of the cafe actually led to a boutique hotel. The elevator was dark and filled with lighted strips ala Tron. The lobby also looked more like a hip dance club with weird art and ambient lighting. The walls were basically shiny black and the ceiling was installed with lighted clouds. Totally unconventional. I didn't get to see the room, but Ivans said that the interior was well-designed with loads of hidden panels to make up for the lack of floor space. On the way home, SK drove, so KH and I could snuggle in the backseat and smooch for a while...

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Twilight Man said...

Oh I miss the stays at Saujana Hotel. A quaint place with nice restaurants for the discerning ones.

Jaded Jeremy said...

"teppanyaki prawns" Mana pix?

Anonymous said...

who is that cutie in black vest and blue shirt??? SO CUTEEEE!!!! potential bottom pun ada, maybe Versatile. damn it! if fuck mesti best ni.

Bunny B said...

oh is it a new buffet like jogoya? I was hoping to go into one tat is not disappointing and hav bad reputations (tenji ehem ehem)

though you would hav think their service would b good since there's an article abt it? you think its a one time thing? I recall no service problems in tao something in sunway gizza (tats two years ago, so things might changed lol)

Anonymous said...

No name???


Tempus said...

wait subang jaya Saujana?

How come a subang boy like me didn't know OMGGG

Sometimes I feel like I don't belong here *bang head to wall*

How was the rate? Is it actually worth the price? Gonna try something new if its so close to home!

And yes, last picture was yummy.

untold stories said...

doesn't green tea keep us awake too?

William said...


Sent as requested.

LOL. Let us know after you do.

Think it won't be a long term thing for them. Can't compare with Tao and Tenji I guess. Different range.

Vest Vic?

The whole reason you don't know about it is because its in your backyard. :P

Different people have different reactions.