Monday, July 21, 2014

Do Movies & Birthdays Mix?


Mum ajak me pergi pasar on Saturday and a neighbour tagged along. The old lady seemed thrilled for the chance to go to a little-explored wet market. Found parking easily at the multi-level car park. Life is easier when you're willing to pay. The place was a little quieter than usual during the school holidays, but not by much. Breakfast was at Restoran Sun Sea which houses the famous pork noodles (more like the bastard child of pork noodles and seafood noodles) of yesteryear. Their business is a far-cry from what it was more than a decade ago. No more crowds. No more queues. But then, I did not eat that. Think their soup is a bit sickly-sweet. Simply ordered from wantan noodle stall at the back and boy was it bad. Mum's choice of mee kolok was much better. Also noticed that the Penang curry laksa stall is now manned by two twinks. From their looks, definitely the sons of the owner. Not bad. Back home, I swept and mopped the floor. High time to clear the cockroach killing grounds. The poison that I employed cause the roaches to go into seizures and pour out icky brown fluids. So even after you sweep away the carcass, you're left with the so-called chalk marks / blood stains / brown stains. LOL. Watched a Japanese movie after that (noooo, not by Coat West). A weird, fantasy movie called "Death Trance" that's based on a manga with the same name. The action is described as 'ultra-kinetic' but really, I wasn't impressed. Just a whole lot of thrashing around. And I won't speak of the storyline. Standard vagueness. LOL. Interestingly, Steven Seagal's son is in it.

A Better Tomorrow | X-Men: Days of Future Past Review

Showered and went out at 3:00 pm. Picked KH from SK's place and proceeded to TGV Setiawalk to watch "X-Men: Days of Future Past". Made a short stop at Coffee Factory to tapau a cafe latte. Felt that it was a little sour that day. Since we had some time, I gave KH a short tour of Grand Shanghai. Ten minutes before show time, KH went to collect our tickets. Turns out that if you bought tickets from their website, you don't need to collect the physical tickets. Just quote the confirmation number at the entrance. They will tell you your hall number. Gosh. TGV is going VERY green these days. And I was quite surprised that KH received no e-mail confirmation from their website after he bought the tickets. The best thing is, you can purchase tickets without a sign-on ID! All you need is the confirmation ID. Forget that and you're screwed. The film was quite entertaining. The early scenes had us ogling at Hugh Jackman's super manly physique. A bit scary next to the petite girl. Another time travel plot but without the complexity. Straight forward go back in time to change the future. And of course they succeed. Exited Setiawalk at about 6:30 pm. Waited for the end credits to see Apocalypse building a pyramid faster than you can say "Bryan Singer molested me at a drunken party". Anyway, we were running late for Apollo's birthday dinner.

Long Dinner

Snoopy & Woodstock

Rushed back home to pick my mum up, grab my cameras and change my shirt (found a stain on it, but I'm quite sure it ain't jizz). By the time we arrived, we were twenty minutes late. Opps. All the food was on the table already. Twelve dishes for twelve guests! Apollo's mum went into overdrive cooking a birthday dinner for her son for the very first time. There was fish maw soup, blanched kale, stir-fried mixed vegetables, caramelized lemon chicken, steamed egg, steamed pomfret, salad, deep-fried prawns, vegetarian ribs, baked salmon with mixed herbs, steamed herbal chicken and sweet & sour crab. Kinda difficult going through all the dishes without a round table. Basically no free space. And what's a dinner without drinks? Opened a bottle of Bordeaux red and Sk brought out the nuts. Interrogated Brian a bit about his new love interest. Based on past experience, we told him not to move too quickly. Apollo came up with an equation for him where a three day romance cause a three month's worth of emo-ness. Cut the birthday cake after that. Another Biolexus creation. Knowing how much of a Snoopy freak Apollo is, QueerRanter-D ordered a 3D cake for him. Not cheap. His mum quipped:

"What?! The cake costs more than the dinner?"

A Peanuts Birthday

But it was super cute and became the center of attention. Can forget about the birthday boy. Haha. Due to its height, it was difficult to transport and it cannot be refrigerated. SK had to stash it her air-conditioned bedroom. I brought out the Instax and clicked away. Cute design, but Woodstock reminded me of mini yellow dinosaur. LOL. The base was chocolate cake with printed Peanuts characters all around it. Did a whole lot of camwhoring. Been a while since we had such a large gathering.

Half a Sally Brown


Tempus said...

No wonder the cake was FAMILIARRRR

Anyways, Biolexus do have an extreme flair for what he does; the cake looked lovely.

But,I always wonder how they'd actually taste will all the frostings!

Happy walker said...

huhu, so many good, the snoopy birthday cake was nice~ =D

Twilight Man said...

I am impressed with the cake.

William said...

I throw all the icing and whatnot away!

And expensive!

Special order.