Friday, July 18, 2014

A & E

magic pills

In the same week, Little Monster visited the A&E twice. Scary, right? The first time happened right after the kid visited his paediatrician for fever and cough. The kid has mild asthma, so the doctor prescribed him some chewable medication. For some reason, his mum decided to dig out some of his leftover medication from the refrigerator. The blister pack looked very familiar to me. By the time I had realised that it was actually adult flu medication, it was too late, my sister had already fed him the pill. Yikes. I consulted Antinous on the matter. He warned me to look out for breathing difficulties during sleep. That kinda freaked my sister out, so she quickly brought him to TDMC. Since it was a school night, Big Monster was already sleeping, so I went over to keep an eye on him. While waiting, I tried out my new toy, which was the Chromecast that just arrived that day. Not a very useful device, but its two primary uses was good enough for me. One was its YouTube casting function from my Android Phone or Android Tablet. Another was that it could cast anything from my laptop's Google Chrome. Perfect to watch all those PRC series on YouTube. They came home at about 11:00 pm. The doctor on duty said there wasn't any cause for concern as the kid didn't seem affected by the medication. So alert even after two hours. He actually on fell asleep at 1:00 am. Goodness. Even adults get knocked out by Piriton. Glad that nothing was wrong.


Just days after that visit, another accident happened. This time, he knocked the bridge of his nose on the edge of the TV cabinet. Because the kid was rough-housing, the force was enough split open his flesh. So off he went again to the A&E. The doctor actually recognized him. LOL. Surprisingly the brave little soldier didn't cry and was in good spirits. Could still act cute. In the end, he didn't get any stitches. Just used a glue of sorts and stuck a couple of plasters on the wound. When he got back home, he started rough-housing again. LOL. Got to hand it to the kid.


Hdaran said...

Kinda true when they say kids are resilient.

Happy walker said...

the google chrome gadget looks cool~ =D

Twilight Man said...

I had mild asthma symptoms when small, doctors suggested I took up real swimming lessons at 7 to swim & breath properly to help my lungs. I became strong ever since. My wife had chronic asthma when I met her and she has phobia to swim, so she cycled with the group of long distance cyclists who even joined the Century Ride. She has recovered and climbed mountains now. Just my 2 cents.