Sunday, June 15, 2014

TaterInTown(tm) Tuesdays

Steamroom Piggies

Both Potato Bill and QueerRanter flew into town on Tuesday. However, QueerRanter was on a much later flight, so we had no chance to meet up. Arranged for dinner to be at Grand Harbour, Fahrenheit 88, down at LG2. On the way there, KH showed me the hidden fire escape that led to the dodgy Serai Day Spa that offered a prostate massage thinly-disguised as a Chakra massage. Wasn't impressed with Grand Harbour's cleanliness as all the marble top tables were decorated water stains and oil rings. But at least their dim sum were cute-sy. Didn't take long for Bill to walk over from The Westin. As usual, we gave him dual welcome hugs and proceeded to fill our tummies! Wasn't quite happy that most of the fried items were sold out by dinner time. Ordered some standard items like siew mai, signature fried noodles and pan-fried meat buns. For the cute-sy stuff, KH ordered the piggy lotus paste buns and rabbit quail egg dumplings. Two pots of PuErh later, we moved to Tous Les Jours (not before a short smooch fest in the restaurant restroom) for some coffee and something sweet (right in front of Lot 10 saw a very outstanding Thai tourist that looked like a male model... aroy mak mak!). Continued our conversation on his future work plans and ventures. From what I heard that night, future plans seem quite fluid for Bill. And also about prospective boyfriends and skanky encounters. A long talk over coffee, red velvet and chocolate ganache. Truth be told, I like their latte. Being a work day and all, we couldn't lepak till late. Said goodbye around 21:30 pm and went our separate ways. KH and I walked to Hang Tuah LRT station, circling around all the messy construction sites. In a few years, Bukit Bintang should be looking different. Along the way, we would hold hands for a while, draw close to each other... and at 'appropriate' moments cop a feel. LOL. Always fun taking long walks with the BF...


P.S.: Once again was spotted by a FB friend who describe KH and I as sprinting off so quickly that he had no chance to say hello. LOL.


Derek said...

Food is so so, even though cute!

William said...

Chose it for its looks only

Twilight Man said...

Hmmmmm... The sweet & loving pigs inside macam William & Derek. Such a happy couple.