Friday, June 13, 2014

Red Egg Easter

Red Egg Easter

Early on Easter Sunday morning, mum made hard-boiled eggs. Some she stained red, and some she left bare. Was wondering how to decorate the eggs. I had a bottle of leftover glass paint, but decided against it since the egg shells are porous. Ended up using stickers. LOL. Went to Easter Sunday mass and turns out that they gave out Easter eggs too! SK organized an Easter lunch at Ichi Zen, First Subang Mall. Think the old shop was Edo Ichi, but already gulung tikar due to the lousy human traffic there. Arrived a bit late cause First Subang Mall wasn't even in Waze or Google Maps. It's that bad. My mum spotted Datuk Chua Jui Meng in the restaurant. She's quite observant. We were the last to arrive. Apollo, QueerRanter-D, SK and the old folks were already there and eating. In my opinion, The Pavilion branch serves better food. Went hunting for coffee after that at Coffee Chemistry Signature.

Sushi Mori

Hotate Teppanyaki

Thought it wa another dead outlet, but we were wrong. The customers were actually all inside leaving the outer tables deserted. If you're into cacat 3D latte art, it's the place to go. I ordered the amaretto latte. Couldn't taste much other than the almonds. Apollo's latte macchiato didn't have much coffee taste either with the exception of SK's signature cappuccino. But the latter was kinda too acidic for my taste. Got a slice of salted caramel cake as well, and we yakked away. Did a little shopping at the Super Save Concept Store. For the uninitiated, it's like a PRC version of Daiso. Stopped a while at Giant too. Before heading back, mum asked me to stop her at the roadside to buy some cendol and rojak from the famous SS15 stall. People actually line up in the rain! Amazing. Wasn't impressed. The cendol was disgustingly sweet and the condiments were blended so fine that there was no texture. On the other hand, the rojak had a good gravy, but the fried stuff didn't taste that good. MaisonSK organized dinner again with Apollo, QueerRanter-D, Brian and KH. Apollo's prepared wintermelon soup, steamed Tilapia in garlic sauce, steamed prawns with egg and stir-fried vegetables. Fruits and sugar cane water was served after dinner. And we even opened a bottle of French wine that KH bought. Dah makan, dah minum, tunggu apa lagi? Balik tidur!

Salted Caramel Cake

Amaretto Latte

Cap Kipas Udang


kenni said...

Dah makan, Dah minum, Tunggu apa lagi?
Goyang katil! bersenam!

William said...

I wish!