Thursday, June 26, 2014

Post-Labour Day

Old Stuff

Late Wednesday evening, I decided to take leave on the Friday after May Day. Not a big deal since I had 10.5 days of annual leave off the books that I need to clear. Realized that I could go up to Teluk Intan to settle my mother's property issues. Wasn't quite sure if legal assistant was working on Friday, so I waiting till 9:00 am before giving her a ring. Once I got the confirmation, we jumped into the car and headed North. But we did have a teensy little time to stop for breakfast la. :P. Arrived in Teluk Intan at about 12:30 pm, just in time for the lunch break. Not quite hungry yet, so we went to Sin Joo Heong to buy their famous heong peah. Funny to note that they have a membership scheme now. For seventy points, one could redeem a cheap looking key chain. Was so tempted to register. LOL.

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Angku In A Row

Parked at Jalan King and ate chicken rice at a very old coffee shop by the name of Aik Hoong. Even the wooden signboard was half-rotted. Not many choices as the market stalls only open for breakfast. In small towns, large coffee shops can survive with only one food stall cause most of the customers aren't eating anyway. Just a cup of cold coffee on the table. Typical scene. Walked over to Teck Kee Enterprise after lunch. Just a few doors down. They sell kuih-muih and antiques. Continued with dessert like kuih koci, angku, kuih talam and pulut udang. Sooooo yummy... except for the angku. LOL. Somehow didn't taste right. We weren't quite done yet. Crossed the road to an old goldsmith shop womanned by old ladies. Mum brought out a whole bunch of old gold jewellery to be traded in. Beat up stuff that she never wore or odd ends. Came up to quite a bit of money. Enough for her to buy a chain and a ring. The service staff were very friendly and turns out that everyone knew everyone in that small town.

Aunty: Ohhhh, you brother sells miku in Pekan Baru! I love his bread. I buy every week! Come all the way from KL not visiting him ah? Word gets around you know?

Mum: Yeah...

Old Photographs of Teluk Intan

By the time we were done, it was already 3:00 pm and we had not even completed the objective of our day trip! Rushed over to the lawyer firm to sign the Sales and Purchase Agreement. Found that the firm had changed its name after the death of the main partner some time last year. A Malay lady had taken over, but the office remain quite unchanged. Same old staff. Still full of Buddhist paraphernalia. Took some time to sign all the documents. By the time we finished, it was 4:00 pm. Still some time to go visit my uncle in Pekan Baru. Initially mum did not want to visit him, but after what the ladies at goldsmith shop said, she had second thoughts. LOL. Just a short visit. Our arrival into KL coincided with Friday rush hour traffic. Already in Rawang and Waze told me I had another ninety minutes to go. Goodness gracious.

Teochew Kueh

Home in time for dinner. BIL fried some rice and we supplemented with loads of the famous Teluk Intan CCF from Liew Kee. Compared to Sam Siew Yeh, Liew Kee's CCF is less oily (but still oily la), heavier and doesn't seem to spoil as fast. Wonderful when eaten with preserved green chillies. Yummy yum yum. Mum actually went around distributing the CCF to her morning walk kakis! So tired by the end of the day. Drove around 400 km that day. I'm not the type who likes road trips. Later that evening, we found the energy and stomach space to eat supper. Brought my brother and SK to Damansara Uptown Hokkien Mee. With a big mug of ice-cold calamansi drink, the Hokkien noodles were fantastic. And my eyes lingered on a nearby table of straight guys in tank tops with sexy arms. Supper indeed. That concluded my inter-state makan-makan trip!

Famous CCF


Derek said...

Want to go to Teluk Intan together with you dear

William said...

In early November lo :D