Thursday, June 19, 2014

Patron Saint of Foodies

Divine Mercy Sunday

On Divine Mercy Sunday, mum and I went to church and lunched at Paradigm Mall (my second home) as usual. Used the LivingSocial voucher that KH bought me-- MYR30 value at Heritage Village Cafe. Perfect for a lunch for two. Chose the asam fish with rice (unfortunately the chunks of stingray were too far frozen and it showed), fried rice and ABC. The dessert was very good. Balanced sweetness and the sugar syrup was fragrant. Went for some shopping after that. Bought some random articles of clothing. Walked past Cielo Dolci on my way out and caught sight of some weird flavours that I really wanted to try. All of them were disappointing. LOL. Tried Nasi Lemak, Coconut Gula Melaka, Strawberry Balsamic and Teh Tarik. Ended up going for Fig & Walnut and Lemon Yoghurt. Always a good choice to pair something creamy with something sour. Made a short stopover at Giant BK5 to buy some groceries before going home. Salmon steaks are a must have for the kids' meals these days.

Fried Rice


Not long after reaching home, SK came with a special Melaka food delivery-- Nyonya kuih and zhang. Yummy stuff. Also two slices of mille crepe from Nadeje. Finished watching "Rigor Mortis" before dinner. A very stylised Chinese Vampire movie based in a huge setting of urban decay. The pace is slow, but not slow enough that you would lose interest. It is quite violent, but not the in your face kind. With all those snacks, I didn't really feel the need for a proper dinner. Mum just reheated some leftover noodles from the previous day's gathering. Added on a piece of vadai and curry puff as well. Always surprised by the amount of oil that hides in the innocently fluffy Indian snack. Suddenly remembered the canonization of Pope John Paul II, so fired up YouTube to watch the grand event that happened at St. Peter's Basilica earlier. It was a lengthy affair, a 3-hour mass (enough time to down two slices of mille crepe). Many members of the public, clergy (from the Orthodox church as well) and public figures attended the mass. So much PR that Pope Francis and the archbishops had to do. Was amused to see some dignitaries from India making their own photo-op. The pope was a bit surprised when the woman wanted a photo of her being blessed. She actually positioned his hand on her head! LOL.

Nyonya Zhang

Layered Sin


Twilight Man said...

Oh yes, you should shift your bed to Paradigm Mall.

Anonymous said...

One wonders about that bottomless pit of urs called stomach....

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William said...

LOL. If only WCT would give me free property.

LOL. Worms?

Hdaran said...

Nothing made of carbs and protein can be good for you when it is fried.

William said...

But oh so good!