Thursday, June 05, 2014

LRT Celebrities: Sailor Sam

Sailor Sam I

Think my back stories have been boring the bejeezers out of you guys. If they were back room stories, I'm sure it would be very different. So here I am with a little breather for all of you... an edition of LRT Celebrities. Today I introduce to you Sailor Sam. Spotted him travelling on the Kelana Jaya line towards KLCC. From the looks of him, he is a college student who has a thing for... sailors? LOL. All sorts of Tom of Finland images start flashing in my mind. LOL. According to face feng shui, his thick, pouty Angelina Jolie lips points to a high sex drive! Wonder if its true! No way to be sure unless you start some kind of Japanese train porn scene. ;).

Sailor Sam II


thompsonboy said...

looks underaged

Anonymous said...

how apt..the anchor pointing that way... lol


Anonymous said...

55% bottom,35% versatile and 10% top.
and lol@VC about the anchor!

William said...

All models in this film are above legal age.

LOL. Anchor memang like that ma

Good analysis!

jsl90 said...

I was in the LRT last night and i saw like 4hot guys & i thought "If only William was here"

William said...

There's always the option of taking the spy pics on my behalf and being a contributor on this segment. :P