Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Labour Day

Early Curry

On Labour Day (yes, I know... that was nearly two months ago), my brother arrived home from Singapore. Impeccable timing as it was the end of water rationing in Selangor. SK suggested breakfast at Kar Heong, Subang Jaya. We all had curry noodles with the exception of Apollo's mum who ordered the sliced chicken hor fun. I pimped mine up with siew yuk. Huhu. Right after breakfast, we raided Jaya Grocer at Empire Shopping Gallery for some groceries. Mum was planning a big welcome dinner for my brother.


At half past noon, I went off to pick him up from LCCT. At around the same time, Apollo and his mum went to LCCT too for their Bangkok trip. So ngam. I left mum at home as she was fretting in the kitchen preparing dinner. By the time I had come back from the airport, it was already 3:30 pm and my tummy was still without food. Stopped at Kong Kee Wantan Noodles to pack some late lunch and bro got his keropok lekor and pisang goreng fix. Spent the whole afternoon playing with the kids. Come dinner, we had a spread of fried fish with superior soya sauce, lotus root soup, Shanghai fried chicken, salad (only mum and I ate the alfalfa sprouts!) and pan-fried luncheon meat (by SK). And that was it.

Superior Seafood


untold stories said...

I miss home-cooked food!

Happy walker said...

lol, mana ada labour day? XD

Jaded Jeremy said...

What games did you play with the kids?

Twilight Man said...

You blog is always posting fossil stories! LOL

Does your brother look like you?

William said...

No friends who can cook?

In May


We don't look alike