Monday, June 02, 2014

Chatting Le Chatelier

Palm Sunday

Dragged the kids to church on Sunday, but mum didn't want to use the new 'Quiet Room'. As expected, they made a ruckus at some point during mass, either wailing for food or snatching things from each other. Many parents don't seem keen on using it, preferring to have unrealistic optimism about their children's behaviour. Can't blame the priests for being a bit frustrated that after spending money on the thing, people refuse to use it. Soon they might start issuing 'banishments'. That Sunday marked the start of Holy Week, i.e. Palm Sunday. The kids nearly poked their eyes out with the palm fronds. Yikes. The obvious choice for lunch was at Paradigm Mall. Even before I turned in to the underpass, Big Monster already knew where I was heading.

"Paradigm Mall again?!"

Kids these days. Sat down at Pasta Zanmai for some pasta, seafood cream soup, pizza and salad. Little Monster hungrily ate all that although he had two slices of banana cake in church. Walked around a bit after that. Some mindless wandering. Yawned like crazy, so I sat them down at Pacific Coffee. Seeing the snacks in the display made the kids hungry again. Big Monster actually demanded a large Chicken Rendang Cornish. Let them have that with a Crema Scura Banana Mocha drink. They seemed to love it. Hope the coffee won't drive them hyper later. Walked into a clothing boutique and the kids went nuts playing tag. Little Monster was so worked up that he ran into a glass wall. He made a nice "Piang!" with his forehead. That kid. Outside was a Mitsubishi road show, so we burned some time there. Let Big Monster play with some remote control cars and do some colouring at the kids section.

Stations of the Cross

Dropped then home at about 5:00 pm and I konked out for a one hour nap. During that time, the kids' tummies grumbled again, forcing my mum to cook a packet of instant noodles for them at 6:00 pm. One hour later, we went to MaisonSK for dinner. And they showed no sign of having just eaten. Baham-ed the sweet and sour fish, soya sauce chicken, roast duck and fried fish. Dessert was pumpkin barley. Later that night, I had a yumcha session with LeChatelier at Snowflake, Kuchai Lama. Impressed that he arrived earlier than me and it was his first time in the area. Walked in and scanned all the tables. Plenty of gay lous in the shop that night. Couldn't find him on the first sweep because he was actually at the collection counter getting his dessert. LOL. He had a bigger build than I had imagined. And his time spent at the gym definitely showed (read Big Arms). I expected him to be more flamboyant and gila-gila, but he was actually quite subdued. He said the same thing about me. The online persona is always misleading. Had a nice chat with him.

Seafood Cream Soup


eric takashi said...

Yes I agreed to.. The online (FB) persona of SKP is so unlike him in real person.. Like innocent shit only..

Anonymous said...

wait, so that was it? you guys didn't have sex at all?

Aiden said...

Is it Pasta Zanmai or Sushi Zanmai that I always see a super long queue at. Hmm I've never tried either of those places

William said...

Innocent, with a twist

Sorry to disappoint! :P

Sushi Zanmai has super long queues

Anonymous said...

Anon is NOT me...

Yenyl Low said...

SKP is innocent? haha. Well, he do remind me of a monkey.

William said...

There's no way to verify