Sunday, June 22, 2014

Air Stewardesses Don't Make Good Tenants

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This is a follow up from my last post about securing new tenants. The air stewardesses and my real estate negotiator both turned out to be a pain in ass. Firstly, the real estate negotiator seemed to be more Hell-bent on protecting the interests of the tenant rather me! The landlord! I was paying for his services! That idiot kept on arguing with me regarding a non-existent wardrobe in the master bedroom. He kept insisting that there was a wardrobe when he brought the tenants for a house viewing.

(On What's App)

Idiot: What happened to the wardrobe.

Moi: There was no wardrobe to begin with. Empty wall.

Idiot: Gooottttt. We all saw.

Moi: I did not take a picture of it because there was nothing. Do you have a picture of it?

Idiot: I did not take a picture too.

Moi: Real estate agents should right?

Idiot: ...

(Days later on What's App)

Idiot: Why haven't you put in a wardrobe?

Moi: When did I say that I would do so?

Idiot: Please remember your promise.

(I made a call immediately)


Infuriating. That fella was really, really, really nice to tenants. He actually bought them a brand new gas stove and helped them change the room locks for free. I pretended that I didn't know. I really wondered about my tenants. Were they so pretty? Was he so desperate? Ugh. In the end, to stop any more arguments, I got them a second hand IKEA wardrobe. It was falling apart and had to held together with masking tape, but who cares. Things were quiet for a while, until it was time to pay rent. As agreed upon, they were supposed to pay up on the twentieth of each month. I patiently waited until the twenty first but saw no sign of the money. I told my agent to follow up.

(On What's App)

Idiot: They say that they only get their salary on the 26th and they are now in Beijing.

Moi: So do they want to change the rental due date to the 26th?

Idiot: Oh no, just for this month. They will pay on the 27th.

Moi: Please tell them next time that if they want delay payment for A WEEK, please notify me.

Idiot: OK.

Moi: They have my account details right?

Idiot: Yes.

How irresponsible! How the heck am I to know your flight schedule?! Am I supposed to care? Come 27th of the month, there was still no money in the bank. The tenant actually went to SK's apartment to pay in cash! When she called me, I asked why she didn't bank in the money for me. She said that she did not have my account details. Ugh! And they even managed to annoy SK regarding the parking lot. Since three years ago, I switched my parking lot with SK due to convenience sake. For some reason, the guard started arguing with her, saying that she should be parking at her original lot.

Guard: Ini bukan parking awak!

SK: Saya dah park sini tiga tahun!

Guard: Owner complain!

SK: Siapa owner? You kenal ke? Yang tinggal sana sekarang tu sewa rumah saja!

Guard: Awak park balik tempat awak!

SK: Awak jangan nak jadi hero!

Drama kan? Coincidentally, the guard comes from the same country as my tenant. Haha. Another victim of her charms. I really don't get it, my tenants don't even have a car, why all the hoo-ha about the parking lot? Ish. I'm missing my old tenant already.


Tempus said...


Never underestimate those in heels. Not all are bimbos!

But, they truly are pain in the ass, when their minds aren't as simple as the laymen.

Hospitality line ma

Anonymous said...

i think someone posted on your blog that flight attendants don't make good tenants.

William said...


Yes, I think you're right, but proceeded to say that the previous tenants recommended better tenants. LOL

Ash Godiva said...

show them the power of landlordXD

Hdaran said...

What a pair can do for you....

William said...

@Ash: @Hdaran:
In many circumstances, landlords can be very helpless if the tenants are recalcitrant

Hdaran said...

I was actually referring to the pair innately present on your tenant... A little bit of a sexist comment...