Monday, May 26, 2014

Wet Market, Dry Taps

Old Kopitiam

It was a wet day at the market. Ironically, the taps were dry. Breakfast was at Kopitan Classic and it was horribly disappointing. My dry noodles were too soft and sickly sweet. And mum's curry noodles were too watery. Disposable utensils and paper cups were used because they had no water to do the dishes. Worst of all, the had even less water for the loos. Shit was left stranded in the bowls awaiting their saviour in two days time. Lovely. Finally managed to catch hold of my stylist for a haircut. But had to loiter a bit as the only slot he had was at noon. Got an extreme undercut in a last ditch effort to achieve the illusion of a slimmer face. XD. Since we had noodles for breakfast, mum suggested rice for lunch. Finally tried the famous siew yuk rice at Kedai Makan Mooi Mooi. Had an old world feel to it with the old wooden chairs and run-down look. Our bill was MYR13 for a plate of roast chicken rice and a plate of roast pork rice. Mahalz. The chicken was average but the siew yuk was more impressive. The skin was quite crispy and the meat tender, but I wouldn't pay MYR6.50 for it. On our way back, we also tapau-ed some ikan parang fishballs from a nearby stall in Happy Garden. Back home, I lepak-ed in my room watching RED 2. Still as entertaining with added Korean eye candy. Seeing that chiseled body prodded me to the pool to do my laps.

Famous Roast Pork

Out to Dry

Broke the usual dinner monotony by bring mum to Ichi Zen at Pavilion. Traffic was quite smooth although it was raining. Dinner was a wonderful medley of seafood. Ordered the mini kaiseki set with some add-ons. All in all, we had topshell in kimchi sauce, salmon belly and white tuna nigiri sushi, fried salmon tail, vinegared crabmeat, cod liver in ponzu sauce, grilled hamachi collar, nabe with salmon head, cod fish, cuttlefish, clams, oysters, mussels, sea crab and prawns, and finally thick slices of salmon and Pacific saury sashimi and amaebi. Very satisfying. Fantastic variety. Went window shopping after that. Didn't find anything that we liked. Loitered till closing time and that was when the traffic was the worst. Such a rare occasion being in the Golden Triangle on a Saturday night. But seems that mum enjoyed herself.

Raw Trio

Seafood Nabe

Sushi Trio


Derek said...

Love Ichi Zen. Think we have been there many times already but still good!

William said...

But that day too salty