Saturday, May 03, 2014

Waterless Market

XO Fish Head Noodles

Seems like weeks since I visited the OUG wet market. Some changes had taken place-- the parking at the multi-level car park is no longer a flat rate of MYR2 and a new covered market had opened nearby housing some butchers and spice merchants. Heard that OUG was stricken with water rationing so we decided not to eat breakfast there. Should be quite bad really. When I was at one of the neighbourhood Chinese medicine halls looking for toilet cleaner:

Moi: Mana itu cecair cuci tandas?

Staff: Tandas? Tandas takde air. Takde! Takde!

There was a gathering at MaisonSK that night and the proximity of it to KH's birthday prompted me to order a birthday cake from ~Alex~. Since KH was having a red velvet craze of late, I got him the French version, a red velvet entremet. Picked it up from his home, then had breakfast at Goon Wah in Kuchai Lama. The waitress was a bit pushy, ending up ordering a little too much for two. From there, I drove to the Poslaju centre in Balakong to pick up a package. Turned out to be my new HSBC internet security token. Blegh. Such a waste of petrol and time as I planned to cancel their credit card anyway.

Red Velvet Entremet

Whiled the afternoon away on my lappie. Watched "Onmyoji" while mum did some cooking for the pot luck. Originally, the gathering was supposed to be at Klang, but that idea was scrapped due to a water disruption. SK prepared KH's favourite curry chicken, stir-fried vegetables, steamed fish and lotus root soup. Mum brought blanched chicken, stir-fried jicama and salad while Gratitude made a sinful hongbak. In case of thirst, we had red wine, port and shoju! At the end of the party, we sang the birthday song and cut the cake.


Shadow Wind said...

Oh I always wanted to watch that film but havent still got the chance to do so!

Twilight Man said...

Oh No! You still hang out with that urchin! Muahahaha