Thursday, May 01, 2014

Shopping Celebrities: FOS Frank & Empire Ed

I know I've been slacking in this department, so here are some pics from the CNY season. LOL. Better late than never. The first guy is FOS Frank. As the name suggests, he works at FOS. Avenue K to be exact. Not sure if he's still there though. The last I was there was to buy some peach-coloured shorts for KH and I. He was the trainee cashier who punched in my items. So innocent looking right with his slitty eyes? And just look at his button badge. I'm sure many would need help from him.


Second guy is Empire Ed. He was manning the life-like clay sculpture stall at Empire Subang. Think people were more interested with other more traditional stalls during the CNY season. Nice pouty lips kan? And the way his bangs fall across his face. Can imagine a scene where you brush away his hair before kissing him. LOL.

Slow Day

Keep your fingers crossed. More to come!


Anonymous said...

Empire Ed's a real cutie!

Derek said...

Both also very twinky!

Anonymous said...

both are cute!
the first one might be versatile, the second one almost totally bottom.
i love cute chinese boys!! more please!!!

Anonymous said...

more!!...too much slack! :P

- VC

William said...

Empire Ed: 1; FOS Frank: 0

Empire Ed: 2; FOS Frank: 1

I love your observation!
Empire Ed: 3; FOS Frank: 2


Dan said...

Empire Ed is amat cute sekali, me in heaven looking at him :P

Twilight Man said...

I actually stepped into Avenue K for the first time last Sunday enroute to FF. The gym's steam room!!! OMG!!!!

William said...

Empire Ed: 4; FOS Frank: 2

Happening steam room?