Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sharks Fin Sunday

Swiped from NinjaHelloKitty/Ivan @ Flickr

Note: Not sure how many people will send me hate mail after reading this, but the first person to roll his eyes would be KH. He doesn't eat sharks fin soup!

The last time I attended a wedding lunch was in USJ City Mall for my lawyer's marriage. This time round it was my ex-colleague. At Noble Banquet. Quite a difficult timing for a Sunday. Had to attend English mass in order to make it, but still the timing was neither here nor there. Killed some time at Scott Garden. Got my caffeine fix at Starbucks since I was groggy from interrupted sleep (damn power keeps tripping in the middle of the night). After finishing a latte and a pastry, mum and I went to Tesco. As luck would have it, she found a kiosk doing dead skin removal for feet. Immediately sat down and did the 45 minute treatment. Nasty business, but mum was happy with the results. By the time it was done, it was already 12:15 pm. Just about right. Dropped mum off at the KL & Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce for a health talk while I went to the restaurant.

Met a whole bunch of ex-colleagues from my stint in Jakarta more than a decade ago. Could recognize most of the faces, but some of their names eluded me. Some can't really recognize me cause I was a cicak kubing back then. Most were married and with kids. Heard that Rynn Lim was in the guest list, but I didn't see him. Food was not bad. Some quality is expected from the Oriental Group of restaurants. There were big ass soft-shelled crabs in the first dish, roasted baby duck and sharks fin soup in coconut.

Colleague: Can I get some black vinegar for my sharks fin soup?

Waitress: Errr... vinegar is not suitable for this kind of sharks fin soup.

Colleague: Huh? Then get me brandy instead.

Started at 1:30 pm, and ended at about 3:45 pm. By the time I reached the KL & Selangor Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it was about 4:30 pm. Could have arrived earlier if I didn't make a wrong turn. Really menyampah cause my Waze is still on the blink after I upgraded my Android OS to 4.3. And Google Map's navigation ain't that great. Gah. Waited for a while for mum's function to finish. Just had a little time to rest at home before needing to go out again. Another dinner gathering at MaisonSK. Apollo's mother was in town, and she had a freezer full of seafood. Among the other guests were Brian, Lifebook and KH. Interestingly, Lifebook was the latest to arrive because he ended up at the wrong venue. LOL. So, on that night I had my second shot of sharks fin soup. LOL.

Apollo: Mum, you shouldn't eat sharks fin anymore.

Apollo's mum: Why?

Apollo: It's cruel. The fin the shark and throw them back in the sea.

Apollo's mum: In Sabah, we eat the whole shark.

As if we were not full enough from dinner (I hardly took any rice), there was pumpkin-barley for dessert. At the dinner table we also had a rousing round of conversation over KH's chilled 'seasonal' sake. Seems that Apollo only approves of 'seasonal' stuff. Hope that is not a requirement he has for men. When my mum was busy with dishes and what not, KH would take the opportunity to ambush me in the room or the loo to steal kisses and let his naughty hands roam. He's always playful and seeks my attention. Perhaps a thrill to do it under the same roof as my mum!


Anonymous said...

u mean theres diff kind of shark fins soup? tot all the same leh..

loved it with vinegar...yummm


Tempus said...

Apollo's mum nailed it shut! Hahahahaha~~~

Actually, some restaurants just sub those with glass noodle. Same texture, and the most important part is the broth not the fins punnn`

thompsonboy said...

Finishing the body whole or throwing it back aside, overfishing of bigger fishes disturb the ecosystem - just like how we have lots of idiots in the parliament - not enough clever people to wipe them all out. And the idiots keep on breeding idiots

Twilight Man said...

I still eat all the sharks fin served at wedding dinners. They are all fake glass noodles as I took a spoon to mash it! Real fins don't mash.

The seller of fake sharks fin told me that they even have few grades of fake ones! Kaneeneh!

William said...

I pun tak tahu. Bukan expert.

True. Like abalone.

Overfishing is generally true.
Natural selection favours idiots?

LOL. Better plastics for better texture?

Derek said...

Always eat sharks fin to annoy me ;P

William said...

Not on purpose k? :P

kenni said...

so are u serving shark fin at your wedding? haha

William said...

I doubt my hubby would approve