Sunday, May 11, 2014

Get-Film Star I: Haruto

When I first saw Haruto, I wasn't impressed by his looks. Typical gangly and twinky porn star. Long-ish hair, lean, high nose and sleepy eyes. And yeah, his dick is 'gangly' too! But what attracted me was his bareback videos and his super cumshots! That boy really makes a hell of a protein shake in bed. In one scene where has jerked off in a van, the fella actually spurted eight times, with the furthest shot reaching his chin and shortest reaching mid-abs. And its not just a few drops, it was long, thick spurts! Amazing. Distance and volume together. That's boy's gonads were made for the milking farm or the Sex Olympics. And he's a messy shooter too. When he tries pull up his shirt or tries to avoid spoiling his schoolboy blazer, it still ends up all over the place, giving business to the dry cleaning lady. Huhu. So if you're interested in seeing this cute uke in action, go download the following:

1) [Get Film] Virtual Paradise HARUTO

2) [Get Film] Target Extra HARUTO 2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing..

kenni said...

Moi! That is certainly not soy milk nor office friendly! Lol!

William said...


Sorry, I should have used the NSFW tag!

Derek said...

He doesn't look cute Le lol

Anonymous said...

i could just lick the juice clean. yummy!

William said...

Banyak komplen :P


DoM said...

Target Extra Haruto 2- u know all actor name?

William said...

Unfortunately the full cast is not recorded even in the Rainbow Shoppers website.